World of Warships Gets A Release Date

Grab It is reporting that Wargaming has sent out a bunch of invites leaking the planned launch date for World of Warships

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SlappingOysters1208d ago

It will be interesting to see if this takes off like World of Tanks. I like the setting, but it didn't feel like Warplanes really captured the same audience buzz as Tanks.

Macka10801208d ago

I feel like the nature of the aerial combat in Warplanes just doesn't generate the same appeal as the terrestrial warfare in World of Tanks. Manoeuvring bulky steel behemoths between shelled ruins and launching fire over the crest of a hill was easier and more gratifying than wrestling with flight controls in empty space, only to bite the dust without even realising you were being chased.

Hopefully the pondering pace of the massive warships doesn't drag this one down too.

shipnabottle1207d ago

Totally agree with you Macka. The ships will be so much closer in feel to the slow, strategic nature of tanks, so should appeal to that crowd much more so than the planes.

Does it have submarines? That could be an amazing bunch of strategy just with subs and nothing else.