Amazon AMD Budget Build Makes Gaming PC For $649

One Angry Gamer "Amazon sent out a build list for a decent gaming rig that can be built for around $650. The build centers around AMD parts but there’s also an alternative available from Intel that clocks in at $627 with a bit of shopping around and part shuffling."

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ninjahunter1208d ago

fx6300 seems like an interesting choice. Its pretty good for the price, but lacks consistency across various games.

roland821208d ago

You can add another $100 to that build for the os.

gapecanpie1208d ago

Windows 10 is free not to mention the many torrents._.


i thought windows 10 is only free to windows 7 and 8 users. also, a lot of people dont mess with torrents.

gapecanpie1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago ) Paying full price for anything in this day and age is just insane._. Windows 7 on ebay is just 10 bucks lol and can easily use google for free products keys._.

AndrewLB1208d ago

Windows 10 is free. Even if you have a pirated copy of Windows 7 or 8.

That PC certainly has more power than Xbone or PS4... and for less money! And before the fanboy outrage begins, you must keep in mind that it costs $50/year for online gaming on a PS4. So the actual cost over 6-8 years is $700-$800.

LackTrue4K1208d ago

650 equals "budget Gaming Pc"
....but never "Gaming Budget" in my book.

TheHaloGuy1208d ago

Good card. I got a 760. :/

BenRage31207d ago

I would upgrade to the AMD 6350 at least. Doesn't cost that much more and far out performs the 6300.