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Despite the fact that most of the spinoff Metal Gear games are good in their own right, they just don't get me excited the same way the mainline console editions do. Every core Metal Gear entry has something new, and offers up some sort of revelatory storyline event that has fans talking for years on end.

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DragonKing811207d ago

I'm not surprise with the review score. This game will be epic!

Masterchief_thegoat1207d ago

yup sept 1 epic will arrive.....

chrisx1207d ago

i guess we've found the GOTY 2015

Rimeskeem1207d ago

So far:

Witcher 3

Germany71207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

I would include Batman: Arkham Knight too, also Ori and the Blind Forest.
Until now for me is Bloodborne, but soon i will play MGS 5, so who knows, lol.

GMR_PR1207d ago

Witcher 3 is my GOTY for now. Its up to MGS now to bring it.

Bladesfist1207d ago

Yup, both the Witcher 3 and Bloodborne are still in the runnings, they were great games. Hopefully we get another amazing RPG with Fallout as well. The year of the RPG?

Paulino301207d ago

Is this pc or ps4 review? I want to see if it runs fine on PC or else I'm getting it for ps4. After arkham knight I gotta be

vanity291207d ago

It'll run great on PC I think. It should since it's now being released on the 1st or so I've heard. Just believe in Kojima and the mighty Fox Engine.

Haru1207d ago

Konami only sent PS4 version for review, so it's PS4

Str8Chaos741206d ago

Ground Zeroes runs great on PC if that helps.

Paulino301205d ago

It does thanks. I played ground zeroes on my ps4 so I was not sure about the pc. But I checked the reviews and it was fine.