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GameSpot reviews Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

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velocitygamer1206d ago

Wow...10/10 everywhere! Salute Kojima!

1206d ago
Gatsu1206d ago

So goddamn awesome... His games never seems to amaze me and I will truly experience that after one week.

Eiyuuou1206d ago

I think you mean *cease to amaze you*... Otherwise your sentence means the exact opposite! ;)

Gatsu1206d ago

Haha yes sorry that's what I meant thanks :D, I was really tired when I wrote it so went wrong >_<...

Lightning Mr Bubbles1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

I know this game will be great, day 1 for sure. It's MGS, but where are reviews of Until Dawn? It comes out Tuesday, there really should be reviews especailly since it's a new umproven IP. If reviews say it's quality, then I'm buying it also.

VsAssassin1206d ago

Yeah, I am wondering too. That game is coming out tomorrow and yet it still review-less.

JamesBroski1206d ago

You can find some indie reviews on youtube. I was really looking into it as well, but so far it doesn't look too good for the game :/

Haru1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

Sony doesn't really care for it that's why they didn't bother to promote until dawn at all, If it was a xbone exclusive you'd see it on every single gaming website homepage's but that's because Microsoft tends to promote it's exclusives much more than Sony, I will buy it regardless because it looks like a cool horro game and I have nothing else to play anyways

ThanatosDMC1206d ago

I want to see Angry Joe's review for the game but he is a casual noob and was a huge xbox fanboy back in the day and refused to buy anything Playstation. Wonder if he'll like it or he'll be confused because he's a newcomer to the series.

Then again, he failed to review Bloodborne because the skill requirement is too high for him.

annoyedgamer1206d ago

You know MGS has never been and never will be a Playstation exclusive right?

Revolver_X_1206d ago


You wont find MGS4 on any other platform then ps3. Just sayin...

MoveTheGlow1206d ago

I think he'll be fine with a game like this. If he jumped into MGS2 or something, he'd be really lost, but I bet this game plays so differently (and relies on the story so much less) that he'll be able to judge it on its content if he feels like it.

After all, it's not like he's gonna scream "4 hours!!!" here. Maybe he'll have Corporate Commander be Konami throwing Kojima out.

Fez1206d ago

He always puts spoilers in his review though so I'll be watching it after I play it.

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Magicite1206d ago

This year is a blessing for us, console and PC gamers (unless you are WiiU only gamer).

quaneylfc1206d ago


A game gets 10/10 and you cherish it like it's a fact, don't you have the brains to judge for yourself?

Magicite1206d ago

when Kojima makes a game...he does that right!

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DevilOgreFish1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

A game that will live in infamy with konami. years later after konami has shoved enough pachinko machines out the door they will ask to themselves - "where did we go wrong?" - and the answer will be simple.

Good job to kojima.

StrawberryDiesel4201206d ago

Looks like it will be just as epic as MGS4 if not better. I can't wait, day one.

PaleMoonDeath1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

IGN just posted a 10/10 and other sites with 10/10's and 9/10's.. guys we're in for a ride, one last time.

8 Days.. and then, we become a memory to loved ones for a week.