Pokkén Tournament May Not Be a Wii U Saviour, But It Can Provide a Welcome Boost

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Ever since its announcement for the Japanese arcade scene Pokkén Tournament has been closely followed by Pokémon and fighting game fans. Unofficial efforts have often pitched 'mon against each other in crude efforts, but the flashy Bandai Namco-developed release caused quite an online buzz. Of course, its status as an arcade placed it into niche and unobtainable categories for many.
Considering the decent but ultimately humble visuals of the arcade, thoughts of fans naturally turned to a potential Wii U version - for some it was a no-brainer. Why wouldn't it come to Wii U?

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Majin-vegeta1208d ago

I'm getting a Wii u solely for this game.I just can't stay away from pokemon.Let's just hope there's plenty of pokemon to use.

ShaunCameron1208d ago

It's rare to see a fully 3D fighting game. I might give this a chance.

KuroKazuma1208d ago

because 3D fighting games aren't good

wonderfulmonkeyman1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

TBH, this doesn't appeal to me as much as it would have back when I was 22 or so...

I've played so many games like Tekken, Soul Calibur, Blaze Blue, Namco vs Capcom, etc etc etc, that traditional fighters just don't excite me like they used to anymore...

Plus, I got out of Pokemon right after conquering Pearl version, and haven't really gotten back into it since then, which means the angle of using Pokemon for fighting isn't as strong a lure for me as others.

So while the moves in this still make it feel a bit more exciting than your average round of Tekken, I think I might just give this a rental at first instead of a day 1 purchase...
Funds are limited and time is precious, after all.

KryptoniteTail1208d ago

If this is a fun and competitvely viable fighting game then I will be a fan. Hopefully it doesnt require a lot of dexterity.

MSBAUSTX1208d ago

It has been extebsively tested as an arcade game in Japan for a littke while now so I dont think they would have released it in the west on the Wii U if it was not fun.

KryptoniteTail1208d ago

Every arcade game ported to consoles has to be good? Ahahahaha.

MSBAUSTX1207d ago

Thats not what was inferred. My point is that, first it is a Ninty and Tekken game which means quality, second it has been played a lot in Japan and they love it, third why would they waste the money localizing it if they didnt think it would sell. Ninty isnt going to port it if it is going to be bad and fail. Im not talking about other developers here. Plus I would actually say that most of your arcade fighting games that are on console are awesome. At the same time there arent a lot of arcades in the states anymore. But Tekken, Street Fighter, Killer Instinct, And Mortal Kombat were all arcades and are great.

Mikito111207d ago

Just played it in Akihabara in Tokyo, it's really good, took me some time to learn good combos though as I can't read kanji lol

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