Halo 5 60fps Warzone Gameplay

Check out Halo 5 Warzone gameplay in glorious 60fps courtesy of Dan from

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Genuine-User1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

343 are onto a winner with this one.

I'm going to play the fudge out of Halo 5 come release!

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BallsEye1212d ago

60 FPS makes such a huge difference... Game just feels so much more real. Once you try it, you will never want to go back to 30.

Masterchief_thegoat1212d ago

you still can have fun in 30fps. I hope you not taking a shot at ps4...

JasonKCK1212d ago

How do you see that as taking a shot at the PS4? Last time I checked X1 has its fair share of games running at 30fps.

People can't be excited about Xbox without being accused of an agenda.

Masterchief_thegoat1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

@jasonkck ps4 does not have a lot of 60fps first party games, so maybe I read it wrong, I was rushing little bit. I love 60fps but there still some games at 30fps i enjoy the most... for example the witcher 3, batman ak and etc. my point is does not mater the framerate just enjoy the game your playing

JasonKCK1212d ago

I don't know anything about BallsEye or his/her comment history. I just don't see that comment as taking a shot. The one thing I do know is you both have funny usernames.


freshslicepizza1212d ago

makes a big difference. quite impressive since the map is much larger and it now supports up to 24 players as well.

BallsEye1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

Nah. Sure you can have fun in 30 fps. I had lot of fun in old halo games than ran in 30 fps..but once I've tried MMC in 60 it just makes such a huge difference. Same graphics 30 vs 60 fps , it will feel like two different games, where the latter gets you way more immersed.

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Kingdomcome2471212d ago

60 fps is pretty impressive considering the map size, and the amount of action that can take place in Warzone. The Gamescom build looked to be pretty much locked at 60 fps.

spicelicka1212d ago

Yeaa people never seem to understand how big halo games are when criticizing.

pelenow1212d ago

Good Lord! This looks fun! Two more months... Just two more months...

Jughead34161212d ago

AHHHH!!! What do I do? Get Fallout 4 or Halo? They're a few weeks apart, but still. Don't have enough time to give both a proper playthrough. Well, if I quit my job, divorced my wife, and abandoned my kids, then I'd have time. lol. Just kidding. Quite a dilemma though.

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