Are EA Right? Does No One Care About Single Players in FPSs?

EA have said that "data suggests not many people play the single player campaign" in shooters. Are they right? Where does their data come from? GamePlayersReview takes a look at EA's controversial statement.

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hiredhelp1213d ago

EA there soo called stats yes multiplayer is huge perhaps Less are playing SP experiance to MP.
But a very large install base will still be playing that SP.

Jason_Plays_PC1212d ago

Most people will still play the single player but now its just a cookie cutter 5hr campaign at most for these Mp focused fps.To get moneys worth you would need to play the multiplayer, so if people want a great fps campaign check out a game like STALKER on Pc.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1212d ago

I care about it if it's good. Resistance still has the most meaningful campaign in any fps to me.

donthate1212d ago

I play CoD mostly for the single player hollywood style crazy ride!

I can't deal with the [email protected] online experience though, but Titanfall has crazy smooth online gaming so I don't care about the campaign there.

I think just make it a good experience, and people can choose if they care or not. I'm fine either way just make it awesome!

Sevir1212d ago

If that were true, games like Mirror's edge wouldn't exist. EA's GPS studio DICE simply creates terrible stories. So no one really spends time playing the single player because it's practically a rinse and repeat of last years.

wsoutlaw871212d ago

people just dont care about cod or bf single player because they suck. If they made a good sp then people would like it. just because it is a fps doesn't mean it needs to have a worse sp mode than all the other great sp. bioshock didnt even have multiplayer.

BattleAxe1212d ago

Battlefield Bad Company 1 had an awesome single player campaign.

jb2271212d ago

Exactly this...they are basically admitting that if they actually did it, they would half-ass it. A quality campaign will get gamers, but if companies keep funneling all of the resources into the mp, gamers will quit playing the sp...pretty simple really.

I'm fine w/ Battlefront not having it, if they want to cater solely to the mp crowd then good on them for not including another half assed campaign in order to trick sp gamers into purchasing...but if they are basing these decisions off of the devs track record, then Visceral's Amy Henning penned Star Wars title better be sp only, because we know Dead Space 3's mp mode didn't necessarily blow the doors off. As long as EA utilizes the Star Wars license for all kinds of gamers and doesn't just stick solely to mp titles I understand their decisions. Just don't want to move to a future where offline sp campaigns are nonexistent, which is a fairly real possibility at this point.

blackblades1212d ago

I will always prefer singleplayer, really cant stand online at times also hate online trophies. I would say take the star hawk and kill zone path, buy single and multiplayer together or separate.

Jaqen_Hghar1212d ago

A man only keeps games that stay entertaining. They are always single player centric games because MP gets BORING so fast on almost every game. Half-Life 2 and Resistance 3 are the only 2 a man has kept.

HumanatPlay1212d ago

Hey no problems with these stats. EA can add the option for us to buy SP and MP separately at $30 bucks a pop.

jrshankill1212d ago

Say what you want about them, but EA's stats are more valid than your opinion. I'm not saying your opinion is wrong, of course a lot of people will be playing single player, but their ratios of MP / SP probably show a much larger install base are into MP.

I play campaigns. If the recent SP campaigns in FPS weren't so cookie cutter, I would play more.

snoopgg1212d ago

I agree, as long as the single player is worth playing, lots of people do. Badcompany 2 single player was the best I played in a while. There were so many laughs and searching for the gold bars was challenging also.

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FlexLuger1213d ago

Im not sure why people are giving EA and DICE a hard time over not including a SP story mode. This series never had one to begin with. If Id announce a new quake arena game or epic, a new UT game, or valve a new CS, are gamers suddenly going to whine about those games not including a mode that those games never really catered too?

SW:BF always has and always will be a MP game first and foremost. If that disappoints you, than this simply isnt the SW game for you anyway.Nor should it be. Im sure there will be plenty of SW games that are single player over the years anyway.

FoxyGotGame1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

Hard Time?

This isn't Jail bro *Joke ...nah I think Peter Moore assumed wrongly (his data sucks), that everyone is content to just pay for MP only. Many still have no internet or crap they should at least have the option of a 'good' SP Campaign.

Don't be selfish Flex ;)

SoCalledMe1212d ago

Assumed ? No they made decision based on history of how much people trashed SP of Bf3 and Bf4 and Hardline , and games really dont require beast connection , if u can download their 40gb games u probably have internet that can play muliplayer with stable ping . DICE as a team doesnt make good SP , fact , let them do what they do best .

donthate1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

Frankly, I do not want people living in the boonies with no internet access to hold back gaming. They and another group of people already held back gaming when they prevented MS from going all digital on the Xbox One.

I want online only experiences too, and the people that do not have proper internet can play other games that are suited for them.

Why gimp a game so that a smaller group of people can play?

I want Crackdown 3 destruction/Xbox Live Cloud Compute technology to appear on other games in different forms both in campaign and multiplayer.

Let's not hold back gaming and jump in to the future!!!

FlexLuger1212d ago


I hear what your saying. At the end of the day, the data would always be skewed towards MP, if we are looking at time spent on each gams SP VS MP modes.

And here's another thing I been thinking about....If YOu showed somebody a random youtube vid of the old SW:BF three years ago and suggested to people that they should bring it back, most people would have said something along the lines of "No..we already got enough online shooters" This game made its name as a MP shooter. Im sure it has some SP bots mode, but who really spends any real time on that? gets boring...and predictable, fast.

In the grand scheme of things I think we will see a steady stream of star wars games of both the SP and MP variety. Then next star wars game might be something along the lines of a force unleashed type of game; Third person, jedi fights. story focused, NO MP..and Ill be cool with that..or better yet ressurect that starwars 1313 concept.

Or how about a republic commando style game that does both well? or a new tie fighter game? Or a han solo, or some other character in the universe getting their own game with different playstyles?

Such games would be made by different teams. And given DICE track record for SP games, I think we can all agree that, that sounds better than EA trying to get them shoehorn a story into the game. We might even see some sort of rotation. A starwars game every 2-3 years, who knows. Different teams, different experiences, same universe.

Its early days, for disney's aquisition, EA/DICE involvement and this console gen. I am optimistic that we will all get the star wars games we want. Maybe even some we didnt expect.

sorry If my first post sounded selfish. But as I said, as this gen rolls on we will be playing all types of starwars games. Patience gamers!

itsjustexuma1213d ago

I guess EA never played a FarCry game

Sir_Simba1212d ago

I'm only against it becauseI feel they do not replace the single player with enough content to justify its removal.
Whats your reason?

SoCalledMe1212d ago

If the game isnt buggy turd like Bf4 was on launch then its worth it , its not quantity its the quality that truly matters

Sir_Simba1212d ago

Quality and quantity can coexist. If they already created quality multiplayer all they need to do is add more of it.

Activemessiah1212d ago

I actually play SP campaigns ONLY... never been a fan of multiplayer, just wanna get through the campaign and move on to the next game... so many games so little time.

1212d ago
superchiller1212d ago

I agree too, if a game us MP only, like Titanfall or PvZ:GW, I just skip it. And if they just throw in a small SP campaign, I'm not interested either. Don't care about online MP at all.

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