Tri-Ace Reveals The Beauty Of Their Star Ocean 5 Engine On PS4, Performance Of Bokeh On PS3 vs. PS4

Star Ocean 5 is the upcoming major release from Tri-Ace, who recently attended SIGGRAPH 2015 to talk about their rendering techniques in detail. In one of their presentation, Tri-Ace revealed the basic implementation of Bokeh depth-of-field effect in their engine. This also included a short segment related to its implementation in Star Ocean 5.

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Relientk771211d ago

Can't wait for Star Ocean 5 and all these JRPGs that are coming

breakpad1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

i like they have their own in-house engine and not U4 as many lazy devs out there (and probably have the same generic results in visuals as many other games) ...probably Sony helped them too

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shloobmm31211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

Would make sense if the game looked good graphically. However it looks exactly like what it up-rez of a PS3 game. Won't stop me from buying it tho. Star Ocean has great combat like the tales of series.

Loktai1211d ago


Dude its a Japanese rpg.... most of its core demographic is on ps3. A lot of people have ps3 and want games, Sony supports the ps3 still, why would they stop a dev. From making a game for it? Once more ps4s exist you'll see less games doing cross gen.

bouzebbal1211d ago

i didn't know this game was looking this good!
Now i'm even more hyped for this. I hope they work more on the characters charisma.

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Magicite1211d ago

This is why PS4 is the best.

Baka-akaB1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )


I prefer in house engines too , but UE4 hardly deliver the same "generic results" that you claim . This is no longer the early days of UE3 usage on consoles with indeed devs not used to it , or being lazy .

With UE4 you can even get stuff like Guilty Gear Xrd , Street Fighter V , Tekken 7 , Kingdom Hearts on top of the "usual" western titles .

Skate-AK1211d ago

Don't forget Rime! Can't wait to see more of that game.

Sevir1211d ago

WAIT! SFV is using UE4?

Baka-akaB1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

Yup for SFV they are using UE4 due to it's flexibility .UE lets' developers focus less development time on rendering tech (which most engines look very similar nowadays anyway) and instead focus on the core aspects of their games such as gameplay and artwork

Pantha Rei is maybe more suitable for other stuff like open world game ... MT framework showed its limitations very early on ps3/360 ... and while building a custom engine for SFIV pioneered a proper 2.5d look and cartoony animation for the fighting genre , it was a hassle they no longer need to suffer .

Those games tends to shows what we already nows : how a game looks depends on the art direction of the game . All the contents, like character/environment models, animations and textures are not created within the engine; instead they are created using 3d content creation apps like maya/zbrush. Then these assets are imported into the engine. Mostly the lighting and shading are the things from look development that happen within the engine. And even then, in the case of shading you are free to write whatever shader you want within any of the commercially available engines. And with lighting, a lot of the lighting information is pre-baked global illumination that is often imported as textures from offline ray-traced renderers.

oasdada1211d ago

Every dev should try to develop their own engine or atleast significantly modify the external ones

DiscoKid1211d ago

Love messing around with bokeh in Unity3D. It can make even the lowest graphical output of a game look cool.

Sly-Lupin1211d ago

Depth-of-field always looks terrible to me, no matter the settings.

DiscoKid1211d ago

But depth-of-field is part of human sight. lol

Sly-Lupin1210d ago

No, its not. It's a post-processing Effect designed to emulate the effects of a camera lens. Human eyesight, you know, tends not to drape a blur over half your field of view.

AndrewLB1211d ago

That's because most games use crappy DoF. Bokeh is vastly superior to what is used on most console games.

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