Destiny: How To Prepare For The Taken King

Hardcore Gamer: Here are the activities that will help you get you where you need to be on September 15.

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King-u-mad1207d ago

Step 1: Start your Playstation or Xbox Console.
Step 2: Remove Destiny from your HDD/SSD.
Step 3: Install a game that is worth your time and play that.

Preparation complete.


hulk_bash19871207d ago

Haha nice troll attempt there guy. I'm doing the exact opposite, clearing my PS4s hard drive space for The Taken King and MGSV. It's gonna be awesome and I can't wait.

King-u-mad1207d ago

"Haha nice troll attempt there guy."

It's no longer an attempt when it's successful :)

"I'm doing the exact opposite, clearing my PS4s hard drive space for The Taken King"

That's fine, do what you will. Has nothing to do with me.

"It's gonna be awesome and I can't wait."

Subjective to your own opinion.

Cheers bro.

JustInTlME1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

I love how all the Destiny haters flock to Destiny posts......I laugh EVERY TIME!!!

King-u-mad1207d ago

I don't hear you laughing :( I see you posting defensively for something you apparently enjoy though. Did I strike a nerve or something by stating the truth?

King-u-mad1206d ago

:P You must be upset. (I'm sorry, you "walked" into that one.)

JustInTlME1203d ago

Not upset, confused by use of sarcasm I guess. Lol

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theFAYEsorceress1207d ago

literally millions of people still play destiny, soooo...

King-u-mad1207d ago

You've made your point loud and clear and are correct in every way shape and form...

ninsigma1207d ago

Why bother coming into an article just to bash something you don't care about?? You don't like the game?? Got it. I can see why a lot of people don't like it (I myself quit before the 1st expansion because of the issues but the changes are making me get back in) but this is an article tailored for people who are interested and looking for some information before the drop. So why come here at all?? Just to ruffle some feathers?? I just don't get it. I see others on this site doing the same. It's sad really.

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Menkyo1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

I have it ready for preload. Done and done.

ninsigma1207d ago

I would focus on getting as close to the level cap as possible before the drop so you'll have a higher level when the changes are made. I'm at level 30 but can't go higher because I don't own the game anymore but I was at 28, I used the demo last week to see what I could do and managed to equip 2 new exotics bringing me up to 30. Can't level up more because I only have access to earth in the demo :( at least I got an extra two levels before ttk arrives though!