Cliffy B's New Game Isn't Called 'The Shattering'

Cliffy B clarifies that his new game isn't called 'The Shattering' as some sites are falsely reporting.

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TheJacksonRGN1086d ago

Great journalism on their part.

chrish19901086d ago

Wasn't just polygon either... It's one thing to speculate the name, but it's just plain thick to assume off a URL

Dan_scruggs1086d ago

Oh come on. We all know that Cliffy is too bust talking about everyone elses games to make any of his own.

Twignberries1086d ago

Yeah it's actually called "The Sharttering"

It's about a man that pushed that little bit too hard.

Masterchief_thegoat1086d ago

tell you the truth the shattering, is not a hot name to make a new game..

1086d ago
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