Ghostbusters on Xbox 360 Calls Us

HDR received a playable build of the Library level of Ghostbusters on Xbox 360. What gives?

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trancefreak3425d ago

ok we get it the game isnt cancelled

fafoon3425d ago

Last time i checked Ghosbusters Bust Ghosts
Not fix RROD

Viktor E3425d ago

The Ghost of Failure will still haunt your living Room,hence the need for Ghostbusters

Zerodin3425d ago

And you little Sony Buck Futters are Butthurt!

cjp4eva3424d ago

@Zerodin and you and ur Xsuici360 have been raped.

sovietsoldier3424d ago

why did they drop it in the first place? why do they feel that spring next year is good? how can i f*ckn kill everyone that had a hand in delaying this game?