The NX's Lack of a Disc Drive Might Be Beneficial

A NeoGaf user posted a thread that not everyone is too happy about. Why? Because the diagram doesn’t show an optical disc drive. So at first glance, this appears to be suicide for Nintendo. With the majority of console game sales still being physical, it makes sense why people are thinking this way. But what if we told you this could be beneficial in ways you haven't thought of?

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mikel10151180d ago

Makes the console cheaper with no disk drive, flash media is getting bigger and cheaper at a way faster speed than disks. Plus faster loading times plus multiple compatibility between the console and handheld NX makes it much better than disks.

It's NOT going to be all digital like people think. Simply replace disks with cards like the 3DS and Vita.

Even more about it is that if they build games on cards again, publishers can patch games straight onto the card so you will never need to download patches if you ever switch between different consoles. Quite genius, all they need to do is keep licensing fees down. If they can do that, this could be big.

UltimateMaster1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

NO! NO! It needs disc or else it's not getting ANY 3rd PARTY SUPPORT, JUST LIKE THE WII U!

Listen. If Nintendo adds in a slot for 3DS game cards so that you can play your 3DS games on the Big screen TV, that is Brilliant.

HOWEVER! 3rd party makes their money off of Disc-Base games. It only cost 0.25$ to produce disc, it cost significantly more to make those cards.

It would need both, period. Otherwise, it'll be just another Nintendo-only console.

By the looks of it, it seems not powerful and are going to use an ARM processor for their Home Console rather than something more powerful like a x86 or PowerPC processor. Looking at that graphic prototype (granted, it's a draft) it's looks as small as a Wii, and may end up being Weaker than the Wii U.... I HOPE NOT.

So far, Nintendo showed us no sign of improving anything and the rumors are stating a weaker than PS4 console, hell it didn't even mention an HDD.

I hate being the bringer of bad news and I hope to GOD that I'm wrong.

I honestly DON'T care if I need to pay more for a console with Blu-Ray disc or Disc drive, as long as it has a good amount of games and support, including 3rd party.

Vegamyster1180d ago


Nintendo hasn't had good 3rd party support since the Snes, it's going to take more then discs & powerful hardware to get them back.

JamesBroski1180d ago

I don't think there are cards that can hold as much as bluray discs and Nintendo they were looking for more third party devs... this sounds weird to have no discs at all.

colonel1791180d ago

I actually thought that there was a high probability that the PS4 would come with Flash Media instead of Blu-Ray. Of course it didn't happen, but the PS5, if they don't decide to go 100% digital, my guess is that it will be flash media, and not disc.

3-4-51180d ago

I think Vita game cards can hold 4gb right ?

So just scale accordingly right ?

The Carts will be like the size of an original gameboy cartridge, but be like 80gb.

Mrveryodd1180d ago

When was flash memory 50 cents for 50 gig like a blu ray?

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Barnaby-Jones1180d ago

I can understand why others wouldn't like this. I personally wouldn't mind it as it's something new that kinda shakes up the status quo. At this moment, we don't know if discless means all-digital or just a different format so, its best to just wait until more official info comes out. Either way, I'm excited for the future outcome!

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annoyedgamer1180d ago

It better be flash media. If its digital only its going to tank hard.

SegaGamer1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

I agree. I can't ever be in favour of digital only. The price for digital games are high enough as they are, if they were our only choice we would have no choice but to pay the price......It's that or go without playing any new game ever again.

What also worries me is the day the servers get closed down, what would happen to the games ? I know what would happen, they would disappear forever.

FlexLuger1180d ago

Interesting...If nintendo actually have a successful diskless console, that would have all kinds of impact on the business. It think MS would be first to react with a diskless xbox one.

I own hundreds of digital titles, so I am not really too concerned. I may buy one. Been too long since I had a nintendo.Ill be watching this, closely. Would be sweet if it looked like that concept. with or without the optical drive.

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