Wii U Sales Pass 2.5 Million Units in Japan

While looking at sales across the world the Wii U is struggling to compare to the newer PS4, in Japan the two consoles are more balanced in their performance, occasionally trading places as the most popular home console each week, and coming relatively close in terms of sales.

This week, combining the newest Media Create data with historical sales, the Wii U has passed another milestone in the archipelago of the rising sun, passing 2.5 million units that have found a happy Japanese home.

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pcz1205d ago

wow, i thought they would have sold a lot more than that by now.

benji1011205d ago

The gamecube only sold 4 million total in Japan.
The ps4 is the worst performing homne console from sony or Nintendo. It is selling worse than the dreamcast in Japan..

R00bot1205d ago

Sony gave up their home market in favour for the larger western market. I admire Nintendo sticking to their guns, I just wish they could sell more consoles in the west without having to change.

pcz1204d ago

i didnt realise the extent to which the market has declined in japan

wonderfulmonkeyman1205d ago

And here comes the flood of "Japan is irrelevant" comments.
Because positive Nintendo news must not be left unsullied.

GrimmQuiorra1205d ago

Hey there!

Mind to point out all of those negative comments that were supposed to flood this article?

I'd love to read them :)

wonderfulmonkeyman1205d ago

Take a look at Swank.
Then keep in mind he's the tip of the downplaying iceberg.

MrSwankSinatra1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

When it comes to "consoles" Japan is irrelevant. That's not some opinion it's FACT. You look at the history of Japanese consumers on how they used to consume console tech back then and look at it now, it's night and day.

The fact that you chose to bring that up in the first place, leads to me to believe that you actually believe it yourself, but just don't want to admit it.

benji1011205d ago

Splatoon sold over half a million copies in Japan.
A third of Bloodborne sales are from Japan.

This Japan is irrelevant idea is really stupid.

DialgaMarine1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

Well, this really isn't "positive" per say, but it's good to see that console gaming isn't totally dead in Japan yet. Honestly, the only time a see negative comments about Japan are from Xbox fans who are so butthurt because the rest of the world doesn't give a shit about their beloved hunk of plastic and metal. I forgot though, Japan does become relevant in their eyes when, once in a decade or so, a Japanese dev decides to give them a decent JRPG. Scalebound anyone?

ShaunCameron1205d ago

Well, Japan is the reason why the Wii U isn't completely dead. That and the fact that the XBox One is a non-factor there.

Picnic1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

That and the fact that there are practically no major Japanese-made games out for the PS4, apart from Metal Gear Solid. And they don't go crazy about having PC-like graphics to make up for it. The cancellation of Silent Hills is hardly going to help PS4 in Japan either. And the PS4 was released in Japan after some other territories. Japan doesn't make the same quantity of games that it used to for these TV consoles, Nintendo's first party studio excepted.

Yet even though PS4 sales aren't particularly great in Japan, Xbox One's are said to be shockingly bad. Again, practically no major Japanese-made games out unlss you count D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die. But it could be argued that Titanfall is a game that could or does appeal to some of the Japanese. They might not love FPS games on the whole as much as some countries but the game has mechs. But they just won't buy an Xbox no matter what it seems. Whether it's because it's too bulky looking, Kinect is such a turn off, or too American in general.

The thing about the Japanese is that they didn't even massively support the Dreamcast with its Jet Set Radio and Shenmue. A step too far towards Western popularity presumably after the greater number of niche fighting, SHMUP etc genres offered by Saturn, which was more popular in Japan.

If you make a Japanese-centric game on a console that isn't by Nintendo, your best hope for good sales is probably a curious Western audience.

Perhaps the Japanese simply feel that the TV consoles are too Westernised now. The WiiU's games line up from now on is certainly focussed on the Japanese and lovers of Japanese-style games. It's a curious message that Nintendo are sending out to much of the West though who buy Nintendo less for very Japanese games than for the closest first party videogame version that there is to Mickey Mouse and his gang, Mario and his friends.

benji1011205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

Everything you wrote is wrong.
Yakuza 5 is out for ps4.
Bloodborne is out for ps4.
Dragon Quest Heroes is out for PS4.

Ps4 is a failure in Japan because its market is shrinking. Mostly because the games on PS4 appeal to most otaku gamers not kids or families.
People who just want to have fun buy a wii u.
The other thing is the increase in PC gaming. Totally unreported but a huge factor.
More people bought the latest update to ff14 on pc in Japan than ps4.

The Dreamcasst sold much better than the ps4 has in Japan.

Nintendo games have always been Japanese.

Picnic1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

OK, I now see that there are a fair few Japanese titles on the PS4 so that's probably not such a factor. And Japanese sales of the Dreamcast, whilst disappointing compared to Japanese sales of the Saturn, were outstanding compared to some countries, selling more than all of Europe.

Ipunchbabiesforfun1205d ago

In 3 years?? Yikes. That might be more than PS or Xbox but that's still abysmal numbers. These people just don't buy consoles apparently.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1205d ago

3rd year is in December.
Nice try though.

Ipunchbabiesforfun1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

Oh, excuse me maybe they'll get to 2.6 million by than, HUGE difference there.

Oh wait it'll actually be 2.8 million!! They average 78,000 a month, those are HUGE numbers, just HUGE! That's like 2% of the population!!!

Ipunchbabiesforfun1205d ago

lol 4 disagrees for posting the truth. When you disagree fairies can post a compelling argument against 78,000 consoles a month and 2% of the population own one get back to me. Otherwise your disagrees don't change the math

R00bot1205d ago

2% of the population is pretty good tho.

TheColbertinator1205d ago

Strong numbers out there in JP

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