The Arkham series’ Achilles Heel is longevity

Gamecrate: Developer Rocksteady recently released a new Arkham Insider video for its new-gen Batman finale Batman: Arkham Knight. The video highlights several upcoming DLC additions, including the new race tracks, Batmobile skin and Batman outfit themed around the 1989 Tim Burton Batman films as well as a new AR mission starring Robin. The video does a good job of showcasing what exactly these new DLC additions bring to the table, but it also unintentionally highlights a problem that affects not only Arkham Knight but the entire Arkham series: Rocksteady doesn’t seem interested in giving its games any form of long-term replay value.

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bondsmx1206d ago

Excellent game, but I would have to agree with the OP. I beat the game, haven't touched it since, and j think I'm gonna trade it in to gamestop towards MGS5.

1206d ago