Fallout Shelter Makes Us Wish For A Better Vault Management Game

ASidCast: "Fallout Shelter, while a good game on it’s own, only makes us want for a better game that actually lets us explore what the Vaults were actually about in the Fallout universe. Fallout vaults are infamous for being a haven for secret experiments by the US government and Vault-tec, something that is not addressed in Fallout Shelter at all because it has no story line attached to it nor is there a progression system that makes us do whack things to our dwellers that are living in our vaults. The progression of Fallout Shelter is linear, and there’s no real reason to keep building up your dweller count or hoarding resources other than to be able to build rooms that can produce resources or build rooms that can raise your dwellers ability to, you guessed it, produce more resources."

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Simco8761208d ago

It would be sweet to import your vault into the new game. I would love to roll up on my vault and just go on a massive killing spree.

DarkOcelet1208d ago

That would be something... Especially after i have 10 level 50 dwellers with All SPECIAL attributes to the max :D

Simco8761208d ago

I didn't think of that lol. That would be quite the challenge, also all the gear you would outfit them with!

someOnecalled1208d ago

This seems like all the other mobile apps people love to complain about on this site