Use Your Remaining Holiday Allowance on These Forthcoming Video Games

2015's already been an awesome year for games, and the very best of the bunch might not even be out yet.

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SolidGear31206d ago

Until Dawn, Fallout 4, MGSV and Life is Strange (retail) would all last me 6 months :3

scark921206d ago

Metal Gear Solid V and Fallout 4 along would probably last me 6 months! Which is both good and bad xD

1206d ago
wonderfulmonkeyman1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

Super Mario Maker, Star Fox Zero, Devil's Third, Pokken Tournament (if it does release this year), Fatal Frame 5, and Xenoblade X are all coming that much closer, and I cannot wait.
Any one of the middle 4 would last several months for me on their own, but Xenoblade X is going to dominate hundreds of my hours, and SMM is quite literally endless with all the levels people will be sharing.

It always pays to look for games with high replay value.
Quality over quantity keeps me a happy gamer for far longer than a huge bunch of games that don't last for long individually...

But I digress!

There's also some decent PS3 games coming down the pipeline that I'm eager to get, if my finances will allow it once they do arrive (one of them is a new Tales Of game, IIRC, and I love that series to death) and indies lately have been putting out so many things I want that my wallet literally cannot keep up.XD

showtimefolks1206d ago

Metal gear solid 5
Mad max if it delivers
Fallout 4
Uncharted collection
Just cause 3. This I may buy in 2016 depending on whether I am done with other games

Tornado1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

-Until dawn (possibly)
-Uncharted collection
-Persona 5
-Fallout 4 (possibly, haven't tried the series)
-Just cause 3 (possibly, haven't tried the series)

So many games coming out, more to come next year. Oh my wallet...

Omar911206d ago

That's pretty much my list except I'm getting a one next week for gears collection, forza 6, tomb raider, and halo 5

scark921206d ago

You will love Fallout 4!

Tornado1206d ago

I hope I don't have to play the previous ones in order to understand what's going on in Fallout 4, or do I?

scark921206d ago

No, you do not, its will be a new story, the same universe. You can defo start with just this one!

Tornado1206d ago

Hahah I see, so I can just start with this one without any worries.

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The story is too old to be commented.