10 Books That Should Be Turned Into Videogames

Paste: "It’s not often we see games that are based on books. The closest we usually get are games based on the cinematic adaptations of books—as is the case with nearly every Lord of the Rings game from the past decade. Recent events may change that, though, making game adaptations of novels and the like even more desirable than a film or television show. After all, turning The Witcher into a trilogy of games was probably the best thing that could have happened to Andrezej Sapokowski’s novels given the international popularity that Geralt and his companions have now. And don’t forget Metro 2033. Who’s to say that the next critically acclaimed game won’t be an adaptation of a novel you read in high school?"

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SaveFerris1126d ago

How about The Odyssey by Homer? Make it an RPG, FPS, TPS, or visual novel. A single play through takes 10 years.

kalkano1125d ago

I love Mistborn...the first trilogy anyway. The last book was only ok. It might have to do with it's more western setting. I strongly prefer medieval.