Rage Will Look Worse on 360 Due to Compression; Doom 4 and Rage Not Likely for Digital Distribution

id's post-apocalyptic open-world shooter Rage (PC, PS3, 360, Mac) will look worse on Xbox 360 due to the compression needed to fit the game's assets on two DVDs, programmer John Carmack revealed at tonight's QuakeCon keynote.

According to Carmack, the royalty fees to include a third disc in the Xbox 360 version would be so high that it simply isn't a feasible solution, with the programmer hoping for Microsoft to make a concession. He stressed that the issue has nothing to do with the Xbox 360 hardware itself, and is merely a storage problem.

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Ogrekiller3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

Here's to MS ponying up for that 3rd disc.
I predict a field day for the Sony fanboys this time.
Edit: Never said that.
Edit 2: @ mushroom avatar guy: No, I didn't admittedly.

sushipoop3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

But I thought Blu-ray wasn't needed? LMAO I know you're crying on the inside, Ogre. Everyone be sure to spread the news! This is all the proof we needed. =)

donator3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

This is the perfect time for PS3 fan boys to take the high road. You've been arguing about how DVDs will become a problem for the 360 due to its storage limitations and now you have more concrete evidence that what you've been saying all along is true.

So this is a plea to fellow PS3 owners. Take the high road. Don't rub it in. Don't stoop to their level.

rucky3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

C'mon like you didn't see this coming.

sonarus3310d ago

I wouldn't speak too soon. Wait till we actually see it running on both consoles

beavis4play3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

lets see....who should i listen to?......john carmack or sonarus? i should probably listen to sonarus cause what would carmack know about this game? end sarcasm.

Bnet3433310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

I am not interested in this game at all. Actually what is this game suppose to be?

3310d ago
sonarus3310d ago

Lol @beavis4play glad you take my opinion seriously ;)

But carmack is trying to promote a game here. Saying one version will look worse is kind of a dumb business practice. They may simply be putting pressure on Microsoft to ease up on the royalty fees. Sort of how Streed fighter turbo HD got delayed to infinity thanks to Msoft low size limit for arcade type games.

These people can sometimes misquote an individual just like how mass effect president apparently said no mass effect for ps3 until trilogy and that was proven fake. No compression definitely improves graphics but we don't even know how well the engine runs on the ps3 yet. I just say lets wait and see

solidt123310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

360 better get a Blu-Ray player or become the Dreamcast. Seriously it could happen.. No one saw it coming back when it happened to the Dreamcast. The Dreamcast had great games when it happened also.

3310d ago
beavis4play3310d ago

no hard feelings i hope. feel free to poke fun at me any time.

kopicha3310d ago

sigh... what a typical fanboy comment. when a game report to be not great on your system you simply try to hide it to the world by saying thank god i aint interested. so when something shows that ps3 is worst than its counterpart. even if you aint interested you would bash ps3 like hell. sad but true.... doesnt apply to me thou. i have both.

TOSgamer3310d ago

How ghetto is that? No wonder the only multi discs games to come out for the 360 were published by MS.

solidt123310d ago

Knowing Microsoft there solution might be to slap three DVD players in the next Xbox to protest Blu-Ray. Idiots.

sushipoop3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

We're not asking you if you're interested. It's about the point of this article. The principle. The 360 version will look worse because they'll need to compress it beyond belief. PS3 has Blu-ray.

Sony FTW!

marinelife93310d ago

I honestly never even heard of this game. Is it even any good. There used to be a day if a game was made by Carmack you didn't even have to ask.

Will Doom 4 need three discs as well?

kai_h3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

Giving the 360 a Blu-ray player wouldn't do anything except enable the playback of Blu-ray movies. In order to produce games on Blu-ray for 360 would be if either: Microsoft gave every 360 a Blu-ray player, release games on both DVD and Blu-ray, or alienate the 360s with DVD players.

So if you want to say that the 360 should get a Blu-ray player, then the way to say it is not that Microsoft should make a 360 with Blu-ray, but instead, that Microsoft should've made a 360 with Blu-ray.

sonarus3310d ago

lol hard feelings? :)

decapitator3310d ago

Blu-ray is not needed for gaming amrite ?

Seriousl though, Am sure Carmack knows what he is talking about after all.


Megatron083310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

If multi disc are so bad it mean that the ps1 was the worse system ever invented. God what a piece a crap that was you know how many games on that system used multi dics. Sony should of never made a ps2 or a ps3 after that. All thoe multi disc games just proved that sony had no idea how to make a game system.

@decapitator they put monkeys in space to so whats your point ?

Bangladesh3310d ago

MS had better be ponying up for that 3rd disc. I'm a fan of the 360, but if it hurts the game not having enough space. Then I'll add Rage to my small library of ps3 games.

Playstation Man3310d ago

Back then the technology wasn't available to do it all in one disc. Instead, devs either were stuck with less capable carts or discs of only 800mb. Even back then games were like 1000-2500 mbs like MGS or FFs. Quite frankly, they had no choice BUT to do it.

Here, Blu-Ray offers an alternative. DVD9 does not. XBOX screwed up and fixed costs of production are down by not having to pay royalties for multi-dics on PS3. They don't have to compress for Blu-Ray. XBOX fails hard here.

CrazzyMan3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

and ps3 only 1,5 year on the market.)

Soon or later This would happen..)

p.s. @Kigmal =)

jwatt3310d ago

youtube quality sucks but the game has lost and lots of textures in it.

Martini3310d ago

From quake con - Shane: "He says that from id's point of view, 360's hardware is superior to PS3's but that BluRay's capacity gives Sony's system an important edge, especially for large game worlds like Rage's."

Let's not forget that this fall 360 will be able to install the games onto the HDD so if MS loosens up the royalty per disc BS we might just get RAGE on 3-4 dvd's with the best console game performance on the superior hardware (360) - see quote.

All that MS needs to do is allow developers to use the HDD and as everyone knows this is coming in the fall update.

CaptainHowdy3310d ago

Fascinating....xbox720, 2009

Kaneda3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

Yup! 720.. xbox owners will paying twice as much money for next gen console. :) IF they decide to buy 720.. :)

Expy3310d ago

When Carmack says that it'll look worse if they have to compress it to 2 (TWO) DVDs -minimum- it will. He's a well enough respected developer and technology enthusiast that everyone who knows him wouldn't dare question his findings.

He admitted that at id software they prefer the 360 hardware because they find it more powerful, but he also admits that Blu-Ray is a big edge to the Playstation 3 platform for its obviously massive storage capacity.

He's saying it will look worse, it will, unless Microsoft does something about their storage issues... and their Core/Arcade bundles.

thePatriot3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

is a hardware problem, whats he talking about?
dvd is a problem
off to play eden

Winter47th3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

Looks like they weren't pissing around when they said the PS3 was future proof.

Now all the jokes about TeE CELL iz R POAHFULL r lolz blooray BS aTtACK iz WEEk POinT foR iz MassIVe DaMAGe are coming around to bite ya'll in the ass lol

And what digital distribution? if the DVDs can't handle the game, don't expect everyone with an Xbox360 to have a blazing fast internet connection to download an +8.5GB game, DT won't cut it and it's not the answer for embracing a last-gen format.

Stop kidding your self, jump Blu already.

cahill3310d ago

a game on 3 DVD

Oh wait no i will have the ps3 version thanks

morganfell3310d ago

@kigmal...pathetic. You were interested enough to post a reply.

AceLuby3310d ago

Dude, do you realize how much space a SINGLE DVD9 would take up, not to mention 3 or 4. 30GB for a single game is over 1/4 of the usable space of a 120GB drive going for, what $180?

cmrbe3310d ago

I find it interesting that you forgot that millions of x360 don't have HD. Spin whatever way you want mate to make yourself feel better.

The Lazy One3310d ago


They'll probably end up paying id to put it on 3, because id has been an enormous supporter of the 360 over the PS3 in usability, and Rage is an amazingly beautiful and detailed game. I can't see M$ letting that go for the extra $1 max it would cost for an extra DVD.