Just Cause 3 is The Most Explosive Sandbox Of All Time | XBA

Every single time we play the latest Just Cause it seems to get even more over the top and insane, in the best possible way of course. With so many po-faced titles on the horizon it’s sort of refreshing to see a game that doesn’t take itself too seriously and that is just out and out fun to play, indeed, it’s almost impossible to come away from a hands on with Just Cause 3 without a big goofy grin on your face.

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BigBosss1210d ago

What about Crackdown 3?

DevilOgreFish1210d ago

They both look like fun. JC3 though is going to be available sooner.

hiredhelp1210d ago

Crackdown 3, dude this is open world sandbox on a Huge scale no comparison in terms of that.

BigBosss1210d ago

What I meant to say was, that game is full of destruction from what I have seen

hiredhelp1209d ago

Yup that is true it has that lets see how it plays out come release.

TheSaint1210d ago

Fallout Four - November eleventh, Just Cause Three December first.

How am I supposed to have a real life?

kendrick121210d ago

Did anyone else read the title as "just cause is the most expensive sandbox of all time"?.

TheFutureIsBlue1210d ago

Yeah lol. I was like "How in the hell?"

user99502791210d ago

and no coincidence that its also one of my most anticipated games this holiday. Im going to wreck everything.

TWB1210d ago

Even... even more explosive than RF: Guerrilla?

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