Live Stream Addresses To Watch Marshawn Lynch Go Beastmode On The Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 Beta

NFL superstar Marshawn Lynch not only has a part in the pending Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, but the star will be doing a special livestream on 8/23/15 from 2-4 PM PST. Let us see if he is good at taking down people as he is at knocking down defenders.


Updated The link to include the gameplay audio and video. Marshawn is hysterical.

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Cohagen4201210d ago

This is going to be interesting indeed.

Deathdeliverer1210d ago

I don't know if they fixed whatever the problems were on ps4 but the game runs lag free (for me) and letting everyone play was a great idea. I had ZERO intention of buying this game. Now it's a must buy. Lots of fun. I really enjoy the variety of characters and their skills. That bow is my SHIT! I got the last 3 kills of a round and the kill cam showed me hit the one guy with the arrow which carried his body farther in the room where it exploded and killed two of his friends. Whole room went into an uproar.

Garethvk1210d ago

I cannot play on a console as I am used to mouse and keyboard but despite being owned due to being much slower on the Dualshock 4, I am having a blast.

Deathdeliverer1210d ago

Try upping your sensitivity. I've done that on a number of shooters, not this, and it's helped me. I'm thinking of preordering on Xbox one just to get back in the beta again. lol in fact I think I will!

Garethvk1210d ago

Thank you. I find I just am not able to be as precise and react as fast. It is more of a spray and pray where on PC I can lock onto a target and stay on it better, save for the movement.