Summons We'd Like to See in Final Fantasy 15

Gamespot: "Most Final Fantasy games include a dozen or more different creatures to summon, and we're hoping Final Fantasy XV won't be any different. Based on what we've seen of the game so far, here are the classic monsters we'd love to see come to our aid."

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Adrian_v011212d ago

Anima wouldn't make sense outside of the story of FFX. But Alexander ftw!

Though, I would like them to invent new summons for the game as well. It's time to add some new cool looking beasts to that list.

Griever1212d ago

I want to see a badass looking Bahamut with an earth-shattering megaflare! I also want to see a traditional hot looking shiva in a tiny bikini! :D Not the Moto GP Sisters that we got in FFXIII! >_<

We do know that Leviathan is a graceful, beautiful and elegant woman in her human form.

ZaWarudo1212d ago

Alexander would fit in perfectly with FFXV's setting. I agree with most except Anima.

Others i would like to see:


Elda1212d ago

A couple of the originals but a lot of new ones would be nice.

DarkZane1212d ago

Bahamut, Odin, Shiva and Alexander are the only ones on that list who even have a chance.

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