Xbox news: X-Wing and TIE Fighters Shine in Star Wars Battlefront

Much like how the Star Wars film series has two distinctive elements to it – land-based firefights and massive dogfights in the air and space – great Star Wars video games manage to combine both of these. And Star Wars Battlefront is shaping up to be a great Star Wars game.

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LifeInNZ1211d ago

Starting to get the feeling this game is going to be a hit this Xmas. Love survival modes and the one described here sounds epic!

ZeekQuattro1211d ago

I read elsewhere that all space craft pilot the same now. Not really reassuring to me. Sadly the game will sell well regardless of how good it will be just for being Star Wars and having the Battlefront name. Ten years is a long to time to wait for a sequel after all.

Irishguy951210d ago

Hopefully in the future DLC or sequel when Space Combat is in, everything will be done up the standard of the ground combat. This is why i'm glad they didn't rush the space combat in right now. Do it right!

Priyanshu1210d ago

Hopefully i agree with all ......