Zi Corp To Bring Predictive Text To PS3 Too

Back in early November, a company called Zi Corp announced that it had licensed its eZiText predictive text technology to Nintendo for use in Wii - six weeks later and Zi Corp has confirmed that the same software is used in Sony's PlayStation3.

"PS3 is an amazing new product and using Zi's technology will enable PS3 users to quickly enter data, such as names, websites and text messages, into the on-screen keyboard of the system," said Milos Djokovic, President and CEO of Zi Corporation.

"Consumer technology products, from mobile phones to video game consoles, are all designed to offer users an enjoyable experience," said Djokovic. "At Zi, we are dedicated to developing innovative products that provide consumers with a more intuitive user interface for their technology device and we are really excited that our technology has been adopted by PS3."

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THWIP4358d ago RAPIDLY becoming the most annoying "technology" EVER. I hope whoever invented it, contracts AIDS and/or Avian Flu.

Marty83704358d ago

I would much rather use a USB keyboard with a PS3.

Raist4358d ago

Predictive texte SUCKS

You spend half of your time saying "no SHUT UP i don't want to write this"

THWIP4358d ago

trying to Google something in my menu bar, and immediately I've got 20 "possiblities" that drop's EXTREMELY annoying.
It reminds me of that annoying person, who can't f*cking let you finish a sentence, without interupting, and/or trying to finish your thoughts for you. :{

andy capps4358d ago

Haha, I hear you. I'm sure that they'll have an option to turn it on or off if you don't want it. I personally am a huge fan of it for sending text messages on my cell phone. Haven't tried anything on the PS3 yet, but should be very soon as my wife just called and said it came by UPS today. :)

tackleb0x4358d ago

I hate that crap on my cell phone. I dont know a single time anyone would have ever thought this was convenient.