Sega ‘Not Planning’ to Release Phantasy Star Online 2 on PS4 Outside of Japan

Sega currently has ‘no plans’ to release the popular multiplayer RPG Phantasy Star Online 2 outside of Japan for the PS4, despite confirming last week that the title would make its way onto the console in 2016.

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Abash1214d ago

I think they will after it releases in Japan, SEGA just won't consider it until then.

DarkZane1214d ago


They won't release it at all on any platform. The PC version they announced in 2012 is vaporware, not gonna release here after all.

miyamoto1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

Sega........ I have no words for this.

They are the only publisher i know that refuses to earn profit from its fans.

Who is running Sega now ... wait till i storm his office....

They refused to make a 32 bit console with Sony
They cancelled Yuzo Koshiro's Streets of Rage 4 Dreamcast
Sega published a broken Sonic Boom game
They refused to publish Guardian Heroes HD on PSN
They don't wanna publish Shen Mue 3
They refused Core Design's Street of Rage 4 proposal on Sega Saturn
Sega refused Ruffian Games' (Crakdown 2) remake proposal.

Have Sega ever made a good and wise decision lately?

ShaunCameron1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

In all fairness regarding Shenmue, the first game was partly the reason they ended up bowing out of the hardware market. It didn't sell enough to recoup the development costs and undermined whatever profits the Dreamcast did make.

I can see why they don't wanna publish Shenmue 3.

_-EDMIX-_1213d ago

"They refused to make a 32 bit console with Sony" ?? Well they had a console then, so did Nintendo.

"They don't wanna publish Shen Mue 3" Shenmue 3 and many didn't want to and I can understand why.

"refuses to earn profit"

Your list of what you feel are things that hurt them from earning "profit" is nothing more then assumptions that they would be better off if they did.

We don't really know that.

Profit is about them making money.

Shenmue didn't make much money if any and cost them a lot.

I least recognize why they are still here and making money.

Yakuza series, buying Relic, buying Creative Assembly, buying Atlus, making money from Sonic regardless of quality lol.

The reality is, those moves are likely why Sega even had the money to buy those teams. They are not just making any games, releasing them world wide and just wasting money.

They did that a lot years ago and look where it got them.

Not saying that I don't want Yakuza Kenzan, or Zero or PSO2 etc, merely that I understand why they are not porting all games over.

They are being careful with what they localize. Making money has to do with knowing the game can actually make the money back used to actually fund the localization. Do we even know for a fact that PSO2 will make them lots of money?

I've seen the sales for Yakuza and they are really low, though just based on VGcharts, Yakuza 1 and 2 where around 50k, Yakuza 3 likely better as Yakuza 4 go ok'ed.

They just don't do big enough numbers to really put all them in the west.

Sega is playing it smart and I can't argue with how they are running themselves now compared to years ago. That smart planning is why they have Atlus now....

Want PSO2? How about buying Yakuza 3 and 4 and 5 when it comes out on PSN, voice your support. I'm buying 5 day 1.

BG115791213d ago

"Want PSO2? How about buying Yakuza 3 and 4 and 5 when it comes out on PSN, voice your support. I'm buying 5 day 1."

How about not removing stuff that are in the Japanese versions because we are Westerners? They really should stop making assumptions on what westerners like based in old fashion beliefs.

I would love to see a good Sonic game, a good Streets of Rage 4, Guardian Heroes, Shenmue or PSO...
These games need to come back. They are what the people want.
Shenmue was on the top 5 games most demanded when Sony asked the players which game they wanted.

Majin-vegeta1214d ago

Agree time to get the old blood out of sega and put in some new blood that gets what gamers.Hell SE is doing a lot better since Iwata left and they added the new CEO.

Snookies121214d ago

They've failed so many times with this game and localization. When it was first coming out, I was really excited. Now, I wouldn't play it if Sega paid me to do so. They lost all of my excitement.

johndoe112111214d ago

What the hell are they thinking?

Kiwi661214d ago

They aren't thinking , thats the problem

DiscoKid1214d ago

I remember when they first announced PSO2, Sega prided themselves in "Global Support" as one of the features of the game's release. Good to see Sega are a conglomerate of their word.

Becuzisaid1214d ago

I've only ever played phantasy star 4 and loved it. Wish they would make an old school single player phantasy star again just to see what a modern one could be like. The only other sci-fi jrpg I can think of is start ocean and I never really liked those. The xenosaga series also and those where phenomenal.

MetroidFREAK211214d ago

Sega... This is why your profits and fans are both exiting the building

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