Why We Love Chrono Trigger After 20 Years


Chrono Trigger celebrates its 20 year anniversary today. It's a game that has aged incredibly well despite not being old enough to buy alcohol. The combat, the story, the music, and the characters all feel fresh and interesting even after all this time, and a few of the editors here at Game Informer got together to explain why.

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KryptoniteTail1127d ago

It's unfathomable. Square-Enix hasn't even acknowledged this in any way, shape, or form, let alone done anything at all with the franchise. Even some memorabilia, maybe a Crono Amiibo or something...ugh.

Oh well, happy 20th, best JRPG.

DarkOcelet1127d ago

Honestly right now...

I think Square can revive it. To think they actually brought back Nier/Dragon Quest and making FFVII Remake just tells you that Square is coming back and they will make some real juggernaut JRPG games again.

freshslicepizza1127d ago

i am surprised we don't even hear about a remaster of some kind.

DarkOcelet1127d ago

I know this belongs to Chrono Cross but its well deserved tribute to such an amazing game.

This is Perfection!

Summons751127d ago

Chrono Cross was awful but I'd be a fool to not admit the soundtrack was on point.

FullmetalRoyale1127d ago

I'm currently playing through FF IV on Vita(I'm about ten hours into it), and will be playing Chrono Trigger next. Looking forward to it.

KryptoniteTail1126d ago

At least put the series on sale. Damn dude.