Creepy Phone Call From The Lady on Project Abraham

"I just checked my voice mail a few minutes ago and I heard this woman's voice talking about death and things. then at the end of the message she says to go check Project Abraham."


Check the Alternative sources link for the new video.

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dronde3667d ago

I am wondering now, how in the hell they got my number?

pwnsause3667d ago

you signed up thats how. remember getawarjob?

Xandet3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

On the Project Abraham website, you can register your name, phone number, and email ( http://www.projectabraham.c... ). I assume that's where they got them..

@pwnsause: Or that.

Liquid Dust3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

Yea I was really weirded out when I was getting the call on my cell and it was 000-000-0000,

I hope we will eventually maybe get a chance to somehow get into the beta since we signed up

Haha, you know ur a hardcore gamer when youre getting a call from a sci-fi actress about a viral website called project abraham which refers to a game thats not out for a few months, have i hit rock bottom?

Overr8ed3667d ago

yea i thought it was my girlfriend calling but then i heard carefully and it was that Lady. I was glad it wasn't my GF i would have freaked out.

Liquid Dust3667d ago

I was so close to hangning up, ha, glad i didnt, the latest injection was pretty gruesome

rogimusprime3667d ago

so thats what all those 0000000's were on the caller ID. That's the last time I give insomniac my real number! hahahah

Seriously...I thought it was John Mcain's people bothering me for the election or some garbage from the AARP.

TruthBTold3667d ago

I think its pretty cool, I got the phone call and heard all these weird things and thought it was some kind of joke until at the end i Heard project abraham. Very original

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Xandet3667d ago

very very cool, Insomniac. ALMOST as cool as when Captain Quark called me to let me know my copy of Tools of Destruction was in! You tricky bastards.

dronde3667d ago

was crazy for a minute. lol

beavis4play3667d ago

captain quark is hilarious

spunnups3667d ago

they are extremely creative, i got those same 2 calls as well. qwork's was funny while this one was kinda creepy. I thought I was being pranked.

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cellypower3667d ago

Lol ,I thought it was a telemarketer at first.

MikeD1593667d ago

I was Wicked scared when i got it

PirateThom3667d ago

This viral marketing is insane.

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