The Sheep Mindset and Gaming Conventions

Are gaming conventions like E3 overrated and cause us, as video gamers, to get too surrounded by the hype, and as a result, fail to critically analyze these events in the long run?

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SaveFerris1213d ago

It doesn't matter if we really 'need' another HALO or Call of Duty, people want them and the developers will keep pumping out these titles until gamers no longer buy them.

wonderfulmonkeyman1213d ago

I think it's less the fact that the conventions exist, and more the way they've been carried out in recent years, that is the underlying issue.
Feeding into the console wars to keep the fanboys riled and the sheep buying is a proven market strategy, but it sure doesn't speak highly of the industry to resort to such things...

N4g_null1212d ago

The lieing in is getting way out of hand. It literally is ok for me to put cgi in a demo and expect to sell 5 million copies now. It has been done a few times this Gen already.

Spotie1212d ago

CG in a demo? What are you talking about?

N4g_null1212d ago

Pc build of a console game.