Black Ops 3 Launchers: Guide to BO3's Explosive Weaponry

Details regarding each of the launchers that appear in CoD: Black Ops 3. Includes information about the weapons, tips for using launchers, recommended perks for classes revolving around the weapon type, and more.

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PistolsAtDawn1210d ago

So far I'm loving the BETA, I'm actually thinking it may turn out to be my favorite COD be fair though, I think this almost every time a new COD comes out...then people find the OP weapon and the game gets long as that doesn't happen this time, I think Treyarch will stay my favorite COD dev.

I didn't think I'd be able to find the time to squeeze the MP in for this one, but I think I will at least get into it by early next year or so. It's just a BETA so it's understandable, but I really hope they work out the Pop-in issues and FPS stutters. I get that they have dedicated servers now, but it kinda feels like it's just enough to be able to say it's dedicated servers, they aren't very good ones, it still feels like P2P, but maybe a slight step better....however, all those things can get ironed out...other than that I feel like it's better than all the others so far on every level.

...lovin it more than I expected, Treyarch delivers again.

Kiwi661210d ago

In your opinion is it better tha AW as i'm still on the fence about whether to get it or not as i'm over 40 and suck at mp

PistolsAtDawn1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

Yes better...the movement is a little bit it leads to less cheap tactics...

I'm getting older as well, but still very good at MP's but the speed in BO3 is MUCH better due to the fact that it leads to less kids just trying to abuse the movement system.

...I think they FINALLY actually got rid of Quickscoping as least I've never been quickscoped....dropshotting is still in though

1210d ago
TeamLeaptrade1210d ago

I wish I could have gotten into the beta. Haven't pre-ordered yet and I'm unsure if I want to. Anyways, I really hope they add more launchers in there. I figure those two are just a start and the full game will have a couple more. I hope.

PistolsAtDawn1210d ago

I didn't pre-order the PS4 version, you don't have's open to don't even need PS+

Alduin1210d ago

Yeah it's open to everyone on PS4 now. No code necessary.