Play Call Of Duty: Black Ops III PS4 Beta, Get Zombies PS4 Theme For Free

Yesterday Treyarch opened the PS4 beta of Call Of Duty: Black Ops III to everyone, and since they obviously didn’t give us enough, they just announced another nice perk in the pipeline.

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S2Killinit1206d ago

No code needed - PS4 owners who play the FREE open #BlackOps3 Beta get an upcoming @Playstation 4 #BO3Zombies theme.

Not bad eh?

sactownlawyer9161206d ago

Yah I agree Activision has been giving PlayStation alot of love lately.

Dragonking0071206d ago

I feel its more of the call of duty brand theyve been wanting to keep it together with down fall of previous titles they want to give it a 110% especially on PlayStation where previous years has received a lot less love now that ps4 doing so well in sales they can give it even better chance

S2Killinit1206d ago

Activision and Blizzard partnered up with Playstation this generation. However, previously, the COD brand was so closely associated with xbox that even after the partnership Activision couldn't just pry the franchise away from xbox. But with the sales success of playstation 4, they saw enough incentive to rebrand the franchise and align it with PS4 instead.

EA on the other hand switched to xbox this generation but seems to be coming back around to Playstation as of late. I say this because possibly their biggest future franchise, being the new Starwars game, has been marketed to PS4.

JamesBroski1206d ago

You don't even need PS+ to play it online. That's cool

scark921206d ago

Treyarch are defo the best out of all the devs, COD4 is my favourite but MW3 was horrendous, have not played Ghosts but heard bad things, Black Ops 3 is an improvement over the last COD imo.

I might even get it.

Kalebninja1206d ago

refused to finish downloading for me, R.I.P.

Kalebninja1206d ago

how are people disagreeing with me? i stated a fact. it wouldn't finish downloading. plus my ps4 is up to date, it does it automatically.

TeamLeaptrade1206d ago

That's quite nice of them.

EazyC1206d ago

Is this really over tomorrow? They won't extend it? I was quite enjoying it I must admit. Good arcade run ' n gun sort of thing.

jmc88881206d ago

They said the beta goes through the 23rd, so you have probably ~31-32 hours to play.

Was playing just 45 minutes ago. Now trying to get into splatoon demo... just like the others, connection error after error with Nintendo being cheap for the demo servers (it is, trust me).

EazyC1206d ago

That's odd, I have found the servers to be quite reliable on my medieval internet connection. Sorry to hear that though.

PistolsAtDawn1206d ago

They will probably do that thing where they stop it for a little bit, then when it starts up for X1 on the 26th (I believe that is the date), they will probably start the PS4 one again.

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