Alpha Protocol Is The Great RPG Of Last Gen

Phil Owen:

"When it was released five years ago, everybody hated it. Like, it was so widely disliked that whenever I tweet about it being the best game ever people think I’m making a joke. But I’m not. I’m serious. Deadly serious. Let’s talk about why I like the janky, buggy mess so much."

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boing11213d ago

I liked it too. The main issue I had was that most of the game you were spending sneaking in crouch position and animation for that was atrocious.

Magicite1213d ago

Im a huge RPG fan and played nearly every AAA or even A tier RPG of last gen, but I didn't bother about this one, it shovelware at best.

KryptoniteTail1213d ago

Lol. As if this qualifies as a great "RPG."

Eterna1Ice1213d ago

Well, ME3 did, supposedly...

darren_poolies1213d ago

The greatest RPG of last gen was Dark Souls but I actually really enjoyed Alpha Protocol.

Eterna1Ice1213d ago

He didn't say The Greatest.

Takwin1213d ago

No it wasn't. It wasn't good. The end.

LordMaim1213d ago

Yes, it had flaws. But it also had brilliance. There were so many ways that your conversations could affect the flow of the gameplay in missions, plot, resources available, and so many different possible endings.

All it really needed was a sequel so that they could refine the model, and it would have been a blockbuster.

Forum_Pirate1213d ago

No, it isn't. Deus Ex meets Mass effect to tell a James Bond story good idea, but bugs asside Alpha Protocal screws it up on a number of levels. All the boss fights are bad, as in Deus Ex it claims everything is viable but really stealth is *the* way to go, it's playing with old and tired genre stereotypes it calls characters and plot, it doesn't treat women particularly well overall in that all of them are in place to support the MC and all of them are damsels in distress at some point.

It's OK, but nothing more.

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The story is too old to be commented.