Let the Nostalgia Die: C.S. Lewis and the Final Fantasy VII Remake

GC writes: I’ll admit it: the reveal trailer for the Final Fantasy VII remake may have summoned a tear or two to my eye. I’ve got a lot of good memories of the original game, and nigh two decades later it’s easily in my personal top ten list. In fact, I yearn for those same experiences the game gave me as a child. There is a subconscious wish in me that every game will be another Final Fantasy VII. I want today’s games to give me that same shock I felt the first time I arrived at the top of the Shinra Headquarters, that same sense of freedom and wonder I felt the first time I left the polluted metropolis of Midgar. I burn with nostalgia, and companies like Square-Enix are more than willing to accommodate me as long as I’m paying.

Nostalgia’s a funny thing, though. Or perhaps it’s not funny—more likely it’s a trap."

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Kyosuke_Sanada1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

It's hard not to compare the old with the new seeing they do have the same name and the developers knew it before starting on the project. That being said, there are times when remakes can deliver the best of both old and new fans such as Resident Evil Remake and I am expecting Square Enix to do the same in balancing the two.