Fans Correct and Expand Earthbound on Super Nintendo with Mother 2 Deluxe Release

Carl Williams writes, "It is no secret that there is a huge, monstrous, following for Earthbound. That is why I sit here writing about Mother 2 Deluxe, Mother was the Japanese name for Earthbound for those that don’t know. This is quite the fan hack of what we saw on the Super Nintendo oh so many years ago. Many things are fixed, updated and flat out changed in this update- it is up to the fans to decide if it is a worthy update though."

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MooseyXTC1207d ago

There's not a whole lot of information about these new PSI Powers or new enemy sprites.
I JUST beat the whole series in a row this week, and without enough information, I can't really justify playing this especially after I just beat 1, 2 and 3 so soon.

Don't release something without a comprehensive explanation of what it is.

triverse1207d ago

Thanks your comment. The news article is just that, a news article. It is not a strategy guide that goes in depth on every little new addition, it is an article alerting fans that there are new updates to the classic game.

News is not strategy/guides.