Q&A: Microsoft's Chris Satchell on XNA Express

XNA biggie talks up the new toolset for hobbyists and students who want to program games for their PCs or Xbox 360s, delves into his own hobbyist days, and comments on Sony's approach to homebrew game making--and why it's wrong.

This week, Microsoft released XNA Game Studio Express, a free to use set of game design tools for Windows, aimed at getting students and hobbyists fired up about making games.

Chris Satchell, the general manager of Microsoft's game development group, was one of the speakers at an XNA event at the UK's University of Warwick--held to publicise the tool set to academics and students. GameSpot sat down with Satchell to find out more about XNA.

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beans4360d ago

I look forward to see what people come up with in 2007! Also I wonder how many big time developers are going to be using this?

TheXgamerLive4360d ago

I'm really looking forward to this. This is once again, MS and the Xbox 360 leading the way into new and untapped potentials.

Asylumchild4360d ago

For enybody who is now making their dream game and thinking about spending a year on makeing it some advice since your working off XNA server if they see something that you make and they like it they can just take it and you get nothing for it. It sucks because your on their program and there servers and useing there codes and tools its basicly their game lol so Dont go makeing the next best first person shooter. ;)

BIadestarX4360d ago (Edited 4360d ago )

haha! Ever heard of Copyright? If you have a good story or game concept you should copyright it. Don't twisting this into something negative, since your belove console does not and will not anything close to this. Anyways what do you suggest for those that want to make their games and do not have the money to pay for a PS3 SDK nor have $20,000,000 to make a game and hope that Sony will let them publish their game? Trust me; this is the best or only chance most of us have to have our game run on a retail console. And if by a rare event your game gets some recognition it may endup in XBox live arcade or some studio may be interested on giving you a job... hey It does not hurt to dream.. a dream that is currenly possible only on XBox.

drewdrakes4357d ago

I never heard anything about an XNA server. Whatever Windows game I develop they cant see, and it is streamed to the 360. So I see no roadblock where they can possibly do this.

Juevani4360d ago

HAHAHA, and do u actually believe that u're gonna make a real game?? u're makin arcade games u dumb f*ck, u need 2 be an educated f*ck 2 make a game that is actuelly worth usin time on makin, this is like a drawin tool for kids, who gives a damn thing about what ms do, they'll prolly charge ur asss when they see u're start devolpin something good or just simple and plain take it, copyright?? copyright what? u have no rights when u're usin their tools,their console and with their premission.. see how easy it is 2 make them xbox fools fall for something (like chicks when they see a real big d*ck) no wonder ms got u all brain wached, bet if Bill Gates ask one of'll 2 s*ck his d*ck ya all jump on it like a piece of candy.. and dont forget linux comes with such a program 2 make ur own games 4 the ps3 but who gives a damn, we dont brag, so yeah have fun now and remember u can sell ur arcade games for 99 cent, 1cent for u 98 cent for ms (they'll charge ur asss for everything u do on that piece of sh*t box)...

farside414359d ago

You are a very small, simple minded person aren't you

drewdrakes4357d ago

Those sound like the words of someone who tried and failed. Did you think it would be easy to make a game? It takes some work, but I believe people can do it. Pac-man is a game, and there arent many games that are better then Geometry Wars in my mind. So the arcade style games have a solid future.

Asylumchild4360d ago

Hey Im just warning you about it and first off how are you going to get copy right? you explain that to me how is a 17 year old going to get a copy right? and another thing Juevani there is a 9 year old that created his own game that he sells for $10 HES 9 so yes I do think I can make a amazing game we can dream can't we.

Juevani4360d ago (Edited 4360d ago )

Yes everybody can dream and its a good move from ms 2 give people an option, but I just dont like arogant people that starts talkin sh*t once something happen, u na what I mean? my closest buddy have an xbox 360 and he is a very big fan so I ain't got nothin agianst it, I just get angry when people talks alot of bull so i have to put out some facts 2 make them shut the hell up, u understand? I mean everytime something happen they start actin tough?? when 360 got some exclusivs from the ps3 they start actin like the world is turnin around our heads, and as a mather of fact PS3 is takin some exclusives from the xbox 2, Blazing Angles, Ninja Guiden and name it, it ain't importent for me, I dont brag about it, cus Im not the one makin money outta this Im just a fan of what Sony makes, these fools is so ignorent.. and a software like XNA is avliable on linux.. thats why.. so dont take any of this personal its directed 2 the ones that keep sayin the wrong things... now keep on dreamin and maybe u'll end up (screwed) lol, jokin.. keep it up and I'll play ur game if u make one..


drewdrakes4357d ago

A definite attempt to clean up your English would be appreciated. Also, tools like this aren't available on Linux, contradictory to whatever fanboys post you read. That is why XNA is such a big deal, Microsoft took some major steps to get homebrew going. If you ask any REAL programmer, not one acting like one on here, you will know that it is much harder to program games for Linux then Windows. My professors agree with me that Microsoft (yes Microsoft) makes the best tools for programmers to use. Visual Studio 2005 is a piece of beautiful art. They did a fantastic job with it, and the have carried that over into XNA. Sony is simply outmatched in the software area, this is Microsofts domain.

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