How Sony Doubled Down On Gamer Choice In August

One of the writers at Middle of Nowhere Gaming took a look at how Sony put the power of choice in gamer's hand in two unique ways for the month of August.

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TeamLeaptrade1125d ago

I really dig what Sony is doing with letting gamers vote for what games they get for free. I hope this is a continued trend and I hope others use a similar approach.

Multiplatguy1125d ago

Press Play are allowing gamers to vote for what game they make next and allowing them to even participate in the development and get into skype meetings with the devs.

It's a bit similar. It's cool to see devs interacting with the community in this way.

PistolsAtDawn1125d ago

...and Scalebound is letting gamers choose the soundtrack...and all the games in Preview are letting gamers be part of the development process at a discount or wait till the final product and pay more....

S2Killinit1125d ago

I would really have liked Armello instead of Grow Home, but it seems its leaning in favor of Grow Home at the moment. Either way, kudos to Sony for doing it this way.

ninsigma1125d ago

Looked at all the videos and really wasn't digging armello. Not really for me but it's a shame that if it's not free you considering you're excited for it! At least it'll be on sale if it's not free!

IamTylerDurden11125d ago (Edited 1125d ago )

I'm shocked and very distraught over Zombie Vikings being behind, it's clearly the biggest and most legit game.

It's the only game w/real time combat

Huge bosses

10hr singleplayer campaign w/up to 4player co op

Online and local co op

Competitive multiplayer

Loot and 40 different swords, upgrades, supers

Cutscenes, high production value, humor.

It's like a mix between Castle Crashers & Dragons Crown but more next-gen looking and bigger.

I'm happy w/the Vote process even if it doesn't win. Zombie Vikings is getting a physical retail version anyway, i'll buy that or i'll buy it on sale on Psn.

Nekroo911125d ago

Now im waiting for the tomorrow children and persona 5

MazeRunner1125d ago

this is the most biased piece of shitz article ive seen so far here.

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