Gears Of War’s remaster is about “finding rough edges and filing them off”

When it comes to porting Gears of War to a new console, the less that's changed the better. In fact, we've gone hands-on with Gears of War Ultimate Edition and the fact that the only real changes are cosmetic makes us very happy indeed. This particular port isn't the product of laziness either - the decision to retain the original's recognisable feel was a deliberate one by studio The Coalition.

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C-H-E-F1149d ago (Edited 1149d ago )

I thought Microsoft talked about Sony having a lot of 1st party remasters this Gen, but this is ok even-though they have BC?? Or is Gears not a game that is a part of the BC collection?

1149d ago
DragonKing811149d ago

It should be part of the BC collection

Immorals1149d ago

I have 360 gears of war 1 installed on my xbox one.

Team_Litt1149d ago (Edited 1149d ago )

Master Chief collection
Gears of War Ultimate Edition


God of War 3
Last of Us
Uncharted Collection sans multiplayer
Quantic Dream Collection
Journey Remastered
Unfinished Swan Remastered
plus actually announcing plans for more remasters...

You tell me who has a lot of remasters.

DragonKing811149d ago

We get the point. Can we all just enjoy games

StrayaKNT1149d ago

Wow talk about milking tired franchises. I'm happy Microsoft isn't trying to suck out every dollar from us, makes me want to support them more.

1149d ago
captainexplosion1149d ago

Im a huge Gears fan but I have no desire to play this.