Top 10 Worst Fighting Games

You’re promised brutality and hard action, but all you’re getting is a quiet scuffle. Here are the top 10 worst fighting games.

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Hoffmann1214d ago

I liked Rise of the Robots.

mixelon1214d ago

Why? How? It was terrible. Even its best versions were terrible.

The AGA amiga version was hilarious, it came on .. 12? Possibly more discs.. Even on CD systems it was baddddd though.

Deathdeliverer1214d ago

No Iron & blood? That game made me want to sh1t on myself.

TeamLeaptrade1214d ago

I can't say I've ever played these games, and good thing I didn't. They all look so horribly bad. Actually, I kind of wish I had played some of these games just to see how bad they were first hand.

Lighter91214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

Skullgirls for not having a block button.

mixelon1214d ago

You just press back? (Back+down for crouched block) Why would you need a button too? Lots of fighters work like this?

Lighter91213d ago

Yes. I like having a block button. And I don't like most fighters.

mixelon1214d ago

Dangerous Streets for the Commodore CD32 belongs somewhere on the list. Man, it's crazy how many awful/mediocre beat em ups there used to be.. Now there's so few, and nobody out for a quick buck would be dumb enough to try it. :D

Genova841213d ago

Now we just have the big games, for the most part. It's sad.

Games I wish would return:

1. Clayfighter
2. One Must Fall
3. Pitfighter
4. Primal Rage