Are Online Games Saving Nintendo From Game Droughts?

"Playing through the new Splatoon mode Rainmaker recently, it occurred to me just how much I had been playing the title. Over the summer, it had been a fixture of my daily schedule. Even with indie titles (both good and bad) and one or two games from other consoles occupying my time as well, I never felt like I needed them. Splatoon was too good, too addicting, and too exciting. First, the need to level up all the way and find the best clothes, then the desire to keep my skills sharp for when the next update arrived, and then the desire to fully experience that new update were too strong. I was helpless to the game’s charms.

I never even noticed no other Nintendo games released all Summer."

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PhoenixUp1210d ago

The fact that Wii U still goes through frequent game droughts 2.5 years into its lifespan is appalling

wonderfulmonkeyman1210d ago

The droughts only exist if you give all your attention to AAA third party releases.
There have been plenty of great indie games released, and no matter how much others want to downplay it, all three console makers consider indies an important form of support now.

Spotie1210d ago


What do they have to do with this?

superchiller1209d ago

No, the droughts exist on Wii U even if you take into account indie games. The other two consoles are getting far more games, of all types (AAA, indies, and everything else), whereas the Wii U is barely getting any games at all, of any type. And at this late stage in the life of the Wii U, it is doubtful that the situation will ever be turned around.

As for the premise of this article, it's kind of sad that diehard fans have to try to inflate the importance/impact of a single game, just to spin an otherwise dire situation. Splatoon may be fun, but it's far from the "system saver" that the author implies.

wonderfulmonkeyman1210d ago

@ spotie
Indies are still bringing games to the Wii U.
Saying that it's still going through horrible droughts isn't entirely true.
That's what indies have to do with this.

3-4-51209d ago

It's not Nitendo's fault at this point...maybe initially but not now.

* Nintendo is supporting it's own system better than Sony & Microsoft are with theirs.

The problem is 3rd party dev's want to focus on realistic graphics instead of creating their own appealing art style.

* We see how good certain games can look on Wii U, so the ability is there, but a lot of 3rd party dev's lack courage to venture forth into the unknown and try something different.

* Too many 3rd party dev's playing it safe by copying everyone the ideas of other dev's instead of creating something fun for the Wii U.

* You don't even need to utilize the controller, just make the game like you would for PS4/Xb1, except for Art Style > Realism and it taxes the system less because it uses less resources.

Instead of putting 10,000,000 polygons together, why not let the artists work their magic and draw upon the characters and world like it used to be.

That is why certain 2D pixel art games are appealing still because the detail is there.

superchiller1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

As usual from you, it's nothing but excuses and finger-pointing, when the real blame for the failure of the Wii U lies with Nintendo itself. They bet heavily that yet another gimmick, tied to cheap hardware, would reel people in (like it did with the Wii before it), but that bet failed to deliver, this time.

Hopefully they learned their lesson (finally), and are focusing on much better hardware, with half-decent specs and including the features that people want (for the NX). They cut so many features out of the Wii U, and scaled the specs so far back, all to accommodate the expensive gamepad gimmick; leaving the console, in the end, unable to compete this generation.

You should really stop trying to blame 3rd party devs for not "doing something different", step up and admit that the Wii U hardware just didn't offer decent enough power to handle current generation games. Way too many specs and features were scaled back or left out of the Wii U, and 3rd party devs just don't want to have to scale their games way back, just to sell a few games on a console that never caught on.

Sylth011209d ago

@ Superchiller

You never fail to deviate from your party line, do you? In all your posts you present the Wii U as a non-entity, a complete failure on the part of Nintendo, never conceding even a single good point about the system. Nothing is entirely good or bad and your refusal to even consider the good indicates, to me at least (warning: opinion), that your tirades stem from an outright dislike or hatred of Nintendo itself.

You give nothing but excuses and finger-pointing yourself, Superchiller.

Gimmick? Heard it before. Try it before you bash it.

Reel people in? More hyperbole that shows your intense dislike of the system.

Learned their lesson (finally)?? Were they being punished? For trying something new? Bull! More hyperbole.

Blah blah blah, gimmick, blah blah blah, gamepad, blah blah blah, specs. Its seriously the same tired old lines from you.

And yes, I lay full blame on 3rd party developers for not trying hard enough. You seem bent on absolving them completely. These developers had abandoned the Wii U before the PS4 and XboxOne even hit the shelves. Delaying a game release to coincide with 2 other consoles (Rayman Legends), missing modes (Call of Duty), delaying a game release until well after the other versions had released (Watchdogs) and at full price at that. Even pointing at the sales data, skewed by these poor ports, and pretty much announcing that Wii U owners would only by Just Dance. How do you justify this? If PS4 or XboxOne players were treated like this, would they buy that developer's games?

Stop looking at things through your bias and look at the objectively. Stop coloring your posts with invective and hyperbole. Heck, the only reason I post is in reply to people jumping to conclusions or presenting their opinion as fact.

ShaunCameron1209d ago

Maybe, but 3rd-party developers have a better reason for not supporting the Wii U. The fact that most 3rd-party games don't sell on Nintendo's consoles, even when they do make an effort to produce something of quality, losing money in the process.

freshslicepizza1209d ago

online and saving nintendo don't really gel well together.