The Witcher III is a hot GOTY contender. Find out why for £13.95 on PC

Dealspwn: Usually, in the first few months after a Triple A game's release, you're stuck looking at prices awfully close to the RRP. Here at Dealspwn, we're obsessed with chipping those prices down, and this hot preowned deal brings The Witcher: Wild Hunt down to £13.95 on PC, which is £14 cheaper than the next best deal.

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Revolt131211d ago

GoTY for sure, for me anyway

PeaSFor1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

so far BloodBorne is my GOTY, Witcher3 combat gameplay is too much garbage for me to put it as a GOTY, that said the world is nicely done and good to explore.

Kingdomcome2471211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

Bloodborne wins in the controls and combat department for sure, but overall I enjoyed my time with the Witcher more. It had characters and quests that will stick with me for some time. Right now for me it's between Bloodborne, The Witcher, and Ori and the Blind Forest. I know Ori has no shot, but it left such an indelible mark on me. I forsee Fallout 4, MGS V, and ROTR ending up on my personal list at year's end as well. Despite the backlash Arkham Knight is also up there for me. Next year is going to be nuts... UC 4, Horizon: ZD, Quantum Break, Scalebound, Deus Ex: HR, and some unknown quantities perhaps all look to be strong contenders thus far. We have quite a few treats in store for us.

pandehz1211d ago

GOTY confirmed.

Its something else

Eidolon1211d ago

It's my current GOTY, but I still have to play FO4, MGSV, Mad Max, Just Cause 3.

nucky641211d ago

I couldn't pick between bloodborne or witcher3 for the mythical "GotY". ]
both are outstanding games and provide wonderful experiences.

Eidolon1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

I thought Bloodborne was fun, but I think Witcher 3 beats it for existent Story, size, graphics, and ofc GWENT. It's a definite contender for me, though.

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