Xbox One Backwards Compatibility: Xbox 360 Games Now Receiving Patches and Updates

Xbox 360 games can now be patched and updated on the Xbox One.

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d_g1209d ago

improvements Always welcomed

Rookie_Monster1209d ago

Wow, that was quick. The BC team at MS is really a dedicated group. No doubt if one day we also get the Original Xbox games on it as well, pretty sure adding achievements and improved textures, fps, and resolutions on those games will also be possibly.

Bt the time BC launches November, it should be awesome.

donthate1209d ago

MS got DLC to work, now patches and the final puzzle are multi-disc games to complete the circle. MS is very agile.

Can't wait for the next set of games to release for us preview members!

It's a dang good time to be an Xbox One gamer!!! :D

TeamLeaptrade1209d ago

If they can do that, it'd be awesome. I would be happy if they even tries to get Xbox original titles to work at some point, but I hope they focus on 360 first.

PlayableGamez1209d ago

I hope it reduces the frame drops.

King Nezz1209d ago

Beautiful thing about the Xbox One. It's the all in one best console this generation.

Fanboy's please read carefully, I said all in one. Total package.

FlexLuger1209d ago

Same here. I got over 140 digital games ( a mixture of XBLA and AAA games) nice to know I will soon be able to retire my X360. It has served me well but its 250GB HDD does me no favours. Im also wondering if this new patching ability allows devs to patch in smoother framerates and AA on X360 games.

NeoGamer2321208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

LOL at the disagrees...

That is really funny...

Yep, they prefer that their consoles do not have backwards compatibility!

They must also prefer Blu-ray players that can't play DVDs or CDs.

Seriously, this is a great feature, it is free, and MS is not redirecting X1 resources away from games to provide it... Why would someone not want this feature then? Please explain...

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