Xbox One Controller Wireless Adapter for Windows gets release date and new images

The release date, as well as some new images, have been revealed regarding the Xbox One Controller Wireless Adapter for Windows.

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Shazz1213d ago

yes i want one of these , streaming to my laptop is flawless feels like a 2nd xbox if im honest

SouljAx3601213d ago

November 10th?!
This thing better work perfect with no input lag if it's going to take them one and a half years to release it.

memots1213d ago

well the one for the x360 controller works flawlessly with pc. True that it took them quite a bit of time to finally release the drivers for PC and this, But should be good.

Articuno761213d ago

I wonder if part of the reason for the delay is to implement drivers that use all the features of the controller, such as the impulse triggers.

parentsbasement1213d ago

so , will it have its own signal ? My xbox and pc are in different rooms but close enough that the X1 picks up the signal until I plug the usb into the computer...