The Art of Preserving Old Games, Not Remastering Them

The current age of gaming is a bit of a strange one, in that more players and publishers (especially publishers as of late) are more excited about bringing back games of old instead of creating new games. Retro gaming has gotten incredibly popular, and cloud service got its booming start by offering “good ol’ games” for the nostalgic gamer. With consoles in particular, the industry has witnessed a boom of direct ports of old school games as well as complete remasters. Frank Cifaldi of Digital Eclipse is a driving force in helping keep old games alive, but he doesn’t want to remaster the games for the new generation of consoles, like 343 has done with Halo and Sony has done with God of War. He wants to preserve them exactly as they originally were, and his development team’s first foray into game archiving is with Mega Man.

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