Broken Sword 5 to Release in September for PS4 and Xbox One

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One release also marks the 25th Anniversary of Revolution Software and the Broken Sword IP.

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MercilessDMercer1214d ago

That's a fairly reasonable price! Loving how many titles are becoming affordable!

Paulhammer1214d ago

Why are there so many bloody adventure games these days?

Summons751214d ago

because they were awesome and it's nice to see them make a come back.

GrapesOfRaf1214d ago

I'll pass. None of the previous Broken Sword games really stood out to me and this doesn't look a whole lot different.

sprinterboy1214d ago

Enjoyed the series over the years will check it out after the new year though once I have until dawn, mgs, tearaway and fallout out the way