The First Party Dilemma: Is PlayStation Still Winning, Or Did Xbox Pull Ahead?

It is often said that in the modern gaming climate, first party software does not count for much. This is patently a lie- first party software has a very important place in the gaming industry even today, whether from a development standpoint, or from a market dynamics one.

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littlezizu1210d ago

Ps4 has more retail and indie exclusive, and more exclusive with better meta-critic; all this without majority of their 1st party studio still tight lipped about their games. So no need to worry about sony 1st party as some of them will announce their game in TGS, PGS and PSX. History tell us Sony 1st party always deliver.

XBLSkull1210d ago

Microsoft for me has always had the better first party games. They've been leading since original Xbox. I'm pretty disappointed that SOCOM seems to be dead, it was by far my favorite Sony offering. Best to own both systems though and get the best of everything.

Griever1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

It all depends upon personal tastes and preferences. Xbox One first party lineup is mostly shooters and racers. Moreover, it is the same Halo, Gears and Forza combination that they have been using for more than a decade. Naturally, people who are only interested in those genres and franchises have bought the console and are happy with their choice. On other hand, the same games are obviously unappealing to others; hence, the lower Xbox One sales.

There are many genres missing on the Xbox One. JRPGs? Nope. Survival Horror or horror? Nope. MMORPG? Nope. Strategy RPGs? Nope. Platformers? Nope. Puzzlers? Nope. Adventure? Nope. If you do not play shooters and racers then Xbox One has nothing for you. As a result, the Xbox One does not have the same wide appeal as Playstation which offers the most genres of any home console and is able to attract the widest range of gamers. Hence, Playstation always has been the sales leader among all home consoles (well except for the last gen when Wii was the leader in sales).

donthate1210d ago

Yeah, I personally always felt MS had the best exclusives and love Halo and Gears. However, both Uncharted and Last of Us are fantastic games.

However, with Phil Spencer on board as president, MS is forging ahead with a very strong first party content while Sony is barely showing anything. Instead opting for third party timed exclusivity.

I suspect that Sony is spread thin, just like when MS was delivering Kinect, Sony is delivering Project Morpheus so they got their teams on that. Sony's financial problem probably isn't helping, and PS Now isn't successful so the resources aren't being diverted to first party.

Owning both systems definitely gives you options, but I am dissappointed in my PS4. So far the only games I bought is Last of Us port and Bloodborne. Deciding on Uncharted Trilogy to see the quality of the port, and then Uncharted 4 and Horizon.

It is very dry in PS4 land and this was the same if I remember correctly with the PS3.

xHeavYx1210d ago

Sony has always had more of a variety when it comes to exclusives, Xbox has always had more of what most Americans like, shooters, shooters, racers, more shooters and then little variety.

remixx1161210d ago


And then tell me what happened in ps3 land. It ended up with the best exclusive support.

Sony has only showed their hand at one event this year (E3) and it was great, let's wait till after the other 3 before we decide, MS has already showed theirs this year and both were great now let's see sony's.

Man the Sony bashing/ MS loving articles have been popping up heavily lately.

Also donthate please skip the "sony is only going for 3rd party deals" BS, both MS and Sony have been dipping heavily into 3rd parties this gen.

Tomb raider, fallout 4, dead rising, ryse, titan fall, sunset overdrive.....all belong to 3rd parties that MS got in bed with, same thing for Sony but its crazy that sony gets the CoD deal and now all ofa sudden sony ddoesn't do exclusive......damn that idea you guys put in the air is just stupid.

scientificreasoning1210d ago

ROFL....MS first party is way behind sony always has.

1210d ago
MrSec841210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

Microsoft have only had Forza 5 and Kinect Sports Rivals from their 1st party studios this generation, everything else is either a 2nd/3rd party exclusive or a remaster of older XBox games.

This year MS only has Halo 5 and Forza 6.
Gears 4 is the only 1st party exclusive coming to XB1 next year, Sea of Thieves is releasing on PC, as well as XB1, everything else is being developed by 2nd or 3rd party studios.

It's a fact that XB1 only has 5 1st party exclusives coming between launch and the end of 2016.

Sony have already had Killzone, Infamous Second Son & First Light, Knack and Driveclub since launch.
Sony also already has more 1st party exclusives coming to PS4, with Tearaway Unfolded, Kill Strain coming this year and next year The Last Guardian, Uncharted 4, Horizon Zero Dawn, Dreams, Gran Turismo 7 and RIGS.

By the end of this year Sony will have released 7 1st party exclusives, with 6 more already slated to release in 2016.

Sony still has games to announce at TGS, Paris Games Week and Playstation Experience.
Alongside their 1st party offerings Sony has more 2nd & 3rd party exclusives.
It really is a landslide victory in the exclusives department for Sony, whether you want indie, A, AA or AAA titles, PS4 has more and more variety in all areas, but they're definitely winning in the 1st party releases department and the quality is way better too IMO.

Sony's 1st party developers are far more established, with a much more impressive pedigree within the market than Microsoft.

Ezz20131210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

How many times are we going to do this ?!

For the 100th time...Ps4 have more exclusives and the highest rated games between the two.

Let it go already.

phantomxll1210d ago

Xbox has more than just shooters and racers. They actually have a variety of exclusive titles its just that they arent as popular as the shooters and racers. And those games are so popular because they are pretty good.

xHeavYx1210d ago

Care to share some examples?

Dragonfly19821210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

It feels like Microsoft just really had two games Halo and Gears in the past. But since they loss their original developers they're definitely in trouble and it hasn't been the same. Epic and Bungie are gone now. Microsoft really don't have any great games that's higher than 90 on metacritic or any other game review website this generation.

WillyC0091210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

Give me a break. This isn't even something that should be written about or debated. There's no competition on who has the better first party support. I owned the first Xbox and 360 as well as all the Sony consoles. Halo, Forza and gears annually is tiring. Just as COD and Assasins is tiring. They lose their luster IMO. Sony first party support is by far better then Microsoft. That's unlikely to ever change.

tinynuggins1210d ago

I'm actually not a fan of racing games or halo but I've always felt that xbox had and still has the better exclusives. I'm not a big indie or Jrpg fan so xbox has always been my preference. Not saying ps4 has horrible exclusives, just not for me.

nX1210d ago

If Sony wouldn't be in this industry I would probably be a PC/Nintendo gamer because there are hardly any interesting exclusives on Xbox. Microsoft is still mainly a software company, not a game developer... the last game I really enjoyed from them was Fable 1 :/
I wish they would invest more money into game development instead of buying 3rd party exclusives but it just doesn't seem to fit into their strategy.

BattleAxe1210d ago

"The First Party Dilemma: Is PlayStation Still Winning, Or Did Xbox Pull Ahead?"

Yes, Xbox has pulled ahead in my opinion. Sony has nothing to match this holidays games line-up. I know Playstation has advertising rights for Black Ops 3 and Star Wars Battlefront 3, but they are still available on Xbox One on day one, and I believe that EA Access members actually get to play Star Wars Battlefront 3 first.

Infamous Second Son is a game that I would like to play someday, since I am a fan of the series, and have gotten the platinum trophies for the first two games, but Uncharted 4 is the only other game I'm interested in, that the PS4 has to offer, in terms of exclusivity.

I'm a Killzone fan, but Killzone Shadow Fall was nothing more than a tech demo, which was very disappointing. SOCOM and MAG are gone for good, since Sony shut down Zipper Interactive, which is terrible, since SOCOM was my favorite franchise on the PS2.

Sony isn't doing anything with the Resistance series, of which I was a massive fan, up until R3, which had a terrible ending to the game and a horrible online multiplayer component. The worst part is that they never released these games onto the Playstation store for whatever reason. Sony has done nothing with Heavenly Sword.....why exactly, I don't know. They never did much to market or support Starhawk, which was a fantastic game, but yet another game which will never see a sequel happen.

It's going to take a while for people to see just how badly Sony has dropped the ball this generation, which is why I went Xbox this time around, after being a huge Playstation fan since the PS One's inception.

BattleAxe1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

For me, this holiday season is all about Halo 5 Guardians, Rise of the Tomb Raider and Rainbow Six Siege. Next year it's all about Quantum Break, Gear of War 4, Halo Wars 2 and possibly Crackdown. I'm also keeping an eye out for Recore, which looks super interesting. I will probably buy Cuphead also when it comes out.

With the Master Chief Collection, I've barely scratched the surface, because there's so much content to play, so I will continue to play that collection every once in a while. I will certainly be buying Gears: Ultimate Edition, so I can also get the two Gears games that I don't own from Xbox 360 backwards compatibility, since you get all 4 Gears games bundled with Gears Ultimate. I love the fact that we will be getting Rainbow Six Vegas 1 & 2 with the purchase of Rainbow Six Siege.

Microsoft has so many great things going for them these days. I'm not much of a racing fan or RPG fan, but Scalebound, Fable Legends and Forza 6 are sure to be very big hits. Gigantic also looks very interesting.

I could see Sony's game plan at E3 just before the PS4 launched. Everyone knows that Sony was on the ropes financially, which is why they started charging for online play. But it was clear that they also did not want to spend the kind of money on their first party games as they did on PS3. This is why they welcomed indie developers with open arms. This allowed them to release many many games during the PS4's first year on the market without spending a dime.

The PS4 has been big on indie games and half-baked first party exclusive games like Killzone Shadow Fall, Knack, The Order 1886 and Driveclub. Even Infamous Second Sun lacked the kind of content that the previous two games had from what I understand from people who have played through the game.

Uncharted 4 is going to be a very big test for Sony. Most of us can agree that Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and Uncharted 2 were the two best games in the series. Uncharted 3 was a great game in it's own right, but the single player campaign just wasn't anywhere near the quality of the first two games, and they turned the multiplayer component into a mix between Call of Duty and Uncharted 2.

If you noticed, in Uncharted 3, they also added all kinds of in-game unlockables for the multiplayer component, along with many paid micro-transactions. We will have to see just how big the single player campaign is with Uncharted 4, and we'll also have to see if they decide to go back to the fan favorite Uncharted 2 style of multiplayer, or if they go further down the Call of Duty rabbit hole.

We also will find out whether not having Amy Hennig on the team will affect the story telling of the game. She was the mastermind behind the first two single player campaigns in U1 & U2. In Uncharted 3, she did not have exclusive control over the direction of the game, which is why the single play campaign and the multi-player for that matter, felt so different. Obviously, there were differences of opinions within Naughty Dog, which lead to her departure from the studio, which was terrible in my opinion.

Like it or not, Sony has alienated Killzone fans, SOCOM fans, Resistance fans, Syphon Filter fans, MAG fans, Warhawk fans, Starhawk fans and fans of Heavenly Sword. Sony is a company that has great potential, and who has had great ideas and great game franchises, but they ultimately and consistently show that they are utterly incompetent with maintaining their product line, especially when it comes to their first party IPs.

starman1210d ago

I miss good old socrack as well, why sony?

magiciandude1210d ago


"Like it or not, Sony has alienated Killzone fans, SOCOM fans, Resistance fans, Syphon Filter fans, MAG fans, Warhawk fans, Starhawk fans and fans of Heavenly Sword."

In addition to that, they completely alienated Vita fans and tossed the entire system into the indie pit.

UltimateMaster1210d ago

I know Xbox guys are saying they got 30 exclusives with the release of Rare Replay.
It's just one disc and was on previous consoles.

UltimateMaster1210d ago

More exclusives on PS4.
Xbox One had more exclusive at launch, that's it.

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Genuine-User1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

Forgive my candid attitude but Playstation will continue its dominance through out this generation.

There are a few mistakes in the article. For example:

-Scalebound and Quantum Break are not first party titles.

I wonder why the author didn't mention PSN games.

user99502791210d ago

Those are first party franchises. They are being developed by third party studios, but the games are still first party for all intensive purposes.

I like the strategy of getting world class studios to build up your first party franchises, personally. Better chance of success and quality.

Personally, as a gamer who plays predominantly shooting, racing and/or online multiplayer focused games, Microsoft's offerings have always had way more appeal to me than sony's. Just a matter of preference. As with XBLskull, the disappearance of SOCOM was the disappearance of my favorite Playstation franchise.

sactownlawyer9161210d ago

Because its gamingbolt. I wish there was a way I could block articles from their site showing up.

Ezz20131210d ago

This is what you get from "gaming media"

I sometimes wonder if they even know anything about the videos games they are talking about.

TheCommentator1210d ago

There is NO SUCH THING as 2nd party software! The term is colloquial and was made up by the media to describe games made by a developer who is independent of the publisher (see Wikipeda). If the IP is owned and published by MS, it is 1st party regardless of the developer. This includes games like Scalebound and Quantum Break. Games like Tomb Raider are third party because SE still owns the IP that MS is publishing.

Again, there is no such thing as 2nd party. With that cleared up, where are the mistakes in the article?

johndoe112111210d ago


"Those are first party franchises. They are being developed by third party studios, but the games are still first party for all intensive purposes."

I seriously don't get it with you people. Do you guys have an aversion to the meaning of the term First Party? It's like trying to explain quantum physics to a brick wall. They are exclusive franchises NOT first party franchises.

user99502791210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

You can be as bitter as you want, doesn't bother me. Seems like a poor way to carry a discussion, though. I'm certainly not jumping down your throat.

Microsoft owns the IP. Ownership is the very definition of first party. Microsoft could contract a billion monkeys to write the code and develop the game, it would still be first party. Its not really a big deal or anything worth fighting over. Were discussing games, after all.

Sunset overdrive and quantum break cant both be thir party. There is a pretty key difference there. You cant have your cake and eat it, too.

johndoe112111210d ago


I give up. Whatever you say bruh.

Spotie1210d ago

I love how often the Xbox crowd changes definitions of things.

First, they changed what it meant to win the console war: it went from being who sold the most, to who improved the most market share from last time around.

Now there's suddenly no such thing as 2nd party games.

2nd party has always been- since the creation of the term- exclusives created by a non-first party developer. Heavy Rain is second party. R&C is second party. Sony owns the IP, not the developer=second party.

The end.

user99502791210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

well if you really want to talk definitions, lets do it

from wikitionary

(video games) Of a video game, a character, etc., created or published by the company responsible for the platform on which it is released (or its internal developers), as opposed to third-party.
a first-party video game; a first-party character; first-party hardware

the confusion that a lot of people on this page seem to have is trouble differentiating between a first party franchise and a first party developer. also the refusal to aknowledge that its possible for a third party developer to work on a first party game or franchise (very clear example being Halo Wars 2)

you all seem to think that if you repeat yourselves enough and throw on your casp lock it brings validity to your mistaken understanding of what first party means. Quantum Break and Scalebound are first party games being developed by third party developers, whether or not you're willing to admit it.

TheCommentator1210d ago

Man this is so stupid, but here: Video Game Developer. Look it up, it's not hard.

It amazes me how ignorant people can be, given that they'd rather be content living in a world of lies than grow a few brain cells by doing a little research on their own. The disagrees just show how stubborn you people really are. It's equal parts sad and funny because it's not even up for debate - it is FACT that 2nd party doesn't exist.

If you don't agree with me then you don't agree with Wiki. If that's the case you have to prove them wrong(but that would require actual work and not just searching on Wiki, which is already too hard for most of you).

Spotie1210d ago

@TheCommentator: You're using a site that literally ANYONE can edit as your source for facts?


You know, there's a reason you can't cite wikipedia as a source when doing college papers.

johndoe112111210d ago


Yes, I am 100% disagreeing with "wiki". And in case you didn't know, wikipedia and wikis are not written by experts in the field. they are written by people like you who sometimes have very inaccurate information and they are edited by people with even less information. that is why wikis are not allowed to be used by students in universities as sources of information. That definition is WRONG, plain and simple.

GusBricker1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

By that definition then Ratchet and Clank and any other Insomniac game, all of the Quantic Dream's games, Bloodborne, etc. are also not first party games.

It goes both ways.

johndoe112111210d ago


No they are not. They are PS exclusives owned by sony but they are certainly NOT first party games. If sony gets a first party studio to develop the next game in the franchise then they will become first party games.

TheCommentator1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

The fact that no one has posted any credible sources to prove that there is such a thing as 2nd party means that there's likely no valid argument to be made. Show me when MS, Sony, or Nintendo ever used the term 2nd party to describe their IP. These pro 2nd party arguments have no facts in them.

I also challenge anyone to go to Wiki and change the definition there too. I guarantee that you can't get it done permanently, if at all, because without proper sources to prove your point it would be changed right back. That's how it works. Wiki is also way more right than wrong with its information BECAUSE people can correct the mistakes that exist there. Did you know that there is actually no such thing as perfection? Anywhere? EVER? Not even a straight line can be straight.

So to John, Spotie, and anyone else with a voice out there, where is your proof that 2nd Party is an accepted term by any of these 1st Party publishers? What about proof from any devs working on "2nd party" games? What qualifies your word as more respected than that of an online encyclopedia created by other people like us anyways? You sit here and debate about it(poorly) on N4G, but can't put your "facts" on Wiki where it would actually matter? Why is that I wonder? The "fact" is that you can't change Wiki with your weak argument. Do you also believe N4G is a more reliable source of information than Wiki since you post here instead(See: MGS and PES confirmed 1080p on XB1)?

maniacmayhem1210d ago

I have a better question about the whole 1st party 2nd party debate...

Who gives a f***!?

The IP is owned by MS and the game is appearing on Xbox One.

Sony fanboys sure do love to argue nonsense.

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remixx1161210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

Well sony has the most studios and 3rdparties are giving sony the most love.

Capcom and square alone are dumping exclusive games on sony that could easily fill out a year and Sony doesn't even own them, street fighter 5, deep down, dragon quest 11, worlds of final fantasy, final fantasy 7(possibly timed), nier 2, dissidia final fantasy, dragon quest heroes, dragon quest heroes 2.

I mean that's from those 2 alone and were not even 2 whole years in, I'm just waiting for next year is all.....

ABizzel11210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

Here we go with this mess again.

MS and Sony have taken very different directions when it comes to games this gen.

Team Xbox has been all about signing 3rd party exclusive deals, while putting out sequels to their best selling and biggest Xbox 360 franchises to get those fans to move over to the XBO. If you're a fan of those franchises then by the end of 2015 the XBO will have everything you need to make the jump from 360 on over, with 2016 finally bringing in plenty of New IP that could get some PS4 / PS3 owners to buy an XBO as well if they games appeal to them.

Team PS has been all over the place. They went full force after indies. They've made sequels, but they're more of a spin-off than a direct sequels of the PS3 versions which is why they've taken longer (Killzone & inFamous). They've done a lot of Remasters for better or worse depending on which side of the fence you sit on (I don't mind collections with all games remastered, like Halo: MCC, Uncharted Collection). They've co-developed several JP exclusives (Bloodbourne, SF4 & SF5, etc...) And they've let their B teams (The Order, Until Dawn (hopefully good)) get their games out first while their A team create potential masterpieces (Uncharted), and new IP (Horizon, Dreams) for 2016. But Sony also have one major advantage that MS has last gen, 3rd party superiority syndrome. Since PS4 is selling so much better than the other consoles (more than XBO and Wii U combined) it has much more sway over 3rd parties, and gets marketing deals, bundles, and exclusive content left and right with the major 3rd party games which can't be overlooked and won't be overlooked by gamers looking to buy the consoles.

XBO = Sequels to their 360 games, Collections of their biggest 360 franchises, 3rd party exclusive deals

PS4 = Tons of Indies, a few Spin-offs, a few JP 3rd party deals, a bunch of Remasters, their B teams, and better 3rd party deals.

It's literally "proven AAA quality" (XBO) vs. "creativity, diversity, and 3rd party" (PS4).

I get what the XBO fans are saying, these are AAA games they know are good, whereas as most of the PS4 exclusives are considered A / B tier games that they don't know about. The thing is that's one of the best reasons PS gamers love PS, because these niche titles don't appeal to everyone, but they can easily find a home on PS console that they could never find on other consoles because the PS audience has an extremely diverse taste in games when you look at games as a whole (yes COD, AC, and other common games sell hordes, but smaller games can still find a profitable audience as well).

We buy consoles for AAA games, but at the same time PS gamers look forward to new niche experiences as well, which is what a lot of XB only gamers don't get. Dragon Quest Heroes wouldn't be a big deal at all on XBO, but it is for PS gamers.

Simply different strokes for different folks.

If the bulk of your gaming is geared towards AAA games and you're a fan of Xbox exclusives, then the XBO might be the console for you right now, and buy a PS4 holiday 2016.

If you like new games, a variety of games, better 3rd party support, and you missed the PS3 then the PS4 is the console for you right now. Catch up on games with all the Remasters, and be prepared for all the big AAA exclusives coming 2016, and you can buy an XBO holiday 2016 just for the exclusives. (also I'm almost 90% sure there will be a price drop on the PS4 this year, and one on the XBO next year).

Shy_1210d ago

Xbox is actually moving away from third party deal, as stressed by Phil Spencer in a recent interview at ChinaJoy. Interestingly, Sony has been implementing 3rd party deals with games like Call of duty - complete reversal from last gen.

ABizzel11210d ago


Xbox just stopped doing it because they had no choice. No intelligent business person is going to willingly put their product on the XBO when the PS4 has a Worldwide install base nearly 2x the XBO. This is exactly why Sony has been doing these 3rd party deals, simply because they can get away with it.

On the other hand MS has little to gain from these deals since it has to cost more for them to nab exclusive content in comparison to the PS4, and it hurts the 3rd party in the process. 3rd parties would be giving up and extra 11m - 12m potential buyers to market on XBO, or be exclusive on it.

This is why MS gave up on 3rd party deals, because they had to cover expenses for the potential gain in sales the PS4 version would have. It's also why they have doubled down on 1st and 2nd party exclusives and why they only do 3rd party exclusives that make sense.

Sony can get away with it, because they have a commanding lead in sales, and they can spend more time investing into their first party games to make sure they're new experiences that add originality to the PS 1st party catalog.

The_BlackHeart__1210d ago

@ABizzel1 - Then, Do you care to explain why the last time the XBox brand got an exclusive scored over 90 on Metacritic it was back in 2011 with the release of Gears of War 3?

That same year the PlayStation got the following 90+ exclusives: Uncharted 3,
The ICO Collection, Little Big Planet 2 and MLB The Show.

Wanna know when was the last time PlayStation got a +90 game? This year.

The_BlackHeart__1210d ago

@ABizzel1 - Then, Do you care to explain why the last time the XBox brand got an exclusive scored over 90 on Metacritic it was back in 2011 with the release of Gears of War 3?

That same year the PlayStation got the following 90+ exclusives: Uncharted 3,
The ICO Collection, Little Big Planet 2 and MLB The Show.

Wanna know when was the last time PlayStation got a +90 game? 5 months ago.

The_BlackHeart__1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

@ABizzel1 - Then, Do you care to explain why the last time the XBox brand got an exclusive scored over 90 on Metacritic it was back in 2011 with the release of Gears of War 3?

That same year the PlayStation got the following 90+ exclusives: Uncharted 3, The ICO Collection, Little Big Planet 2 and MLB The Show.

Edit: OMG, It was not letting me post my comment so I tried 3 times, now I see 3 messages. Lord.

ABizzel11210d ago


I don't know where you're trying to go with your comment.

However, my point was that the exclusives MS has been releasing on XBO are the games that their fans are extremely familiar with thanks to being sequels to their best 360 games.

The PS4; however, hasn't had nearly as many of it's big games drop sequels on the PS4 yet. We won't get Uncharted until next year, and we haven't had Gran Turismo, Motorstorm, Resistance, etc... We've generally gotten Remasters (excluding Killzone, inFmaous, and LBP). But instead sequels we've gotten a bunch of indies, a good variety of A / B games, and an amazing New IP in Bloodbourne.

There was nothing wrong with anything I said, and it is what it is. 2016 will be the big year for PS4 when their AAA teams drop game after game + Morpheus, and 2016 will be the year the XBO gets New IP's that I feel it needs to sell to a broader audience.

Shy_1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

Ok.. and I guess to address the disagrees.. all i said is Ms recently said they are taking their focus off 3rd party. Whether or not they HAD to, and whether or not that's because of sales is irrelevant to the point that I made... and really that info provided by ABizzel just helps to confirm the truth in the statement.

Anyway, in the end of the day, if you pay for exclusive deals you can get them. Whose to say MS, with all the money that they have, couldn't have bought up exclusivity for Cod at a higher price than Sony if they wanted to? In the end of the day its all business, if MS or Sony forks over a big enough cheque then they get the exclusive content. Sony probably had to pay a lot for this too, I doubt activision will come to them and say please take our exclusive deal for free, or even less than MS. Activision couldnt care less about who gets 1 month early DLC, Cod sells like hotcakes, and will continue to regardless of who has exclusive content - its up to the companies sony and ms to make the move to buy up the content.

The fact that MS is focusing internally on 1st party, whether there "forced to" or not is good for xbox gamers anyway. MS has spent too long being complacent with few first part franchises, good to see them up the anti

Yetter1209d ago

sorry but Sony seems to be the one that is throwing money at third party deals this generation. Destiny, Batman and CoD are testament to that. MS seems to be investing heavily in first party and new IP.

ABizzel11209d ago


The Witcher 3

Dragon Age Inquisition

The Division

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare (and almost every game prior)

So if you aren't going to keep it 100, then excuse yourself back under the bridge you came from. Xbox started this once again early this gen, while PS went after new IP's for their DLC. Unfortunately for Xbox, the PS4 took off like a rocket in sales, and now have room to make those sale marketing and timed exclusive deals with all the former alliances that Xbox once had, which is why MS had no choice, but to double down on exclusives.

CD Projekt explained it best as to why these deals happen.

"We need the support of partners to make our game visible worldwide," CD Projekt co-founder Marcin Iwiński said in a statement to Eurogamer. "This should hopefully translate to better sales, which will in consequence allow us to do what we have been doing for the last 10 years, i.e. reinvest this money to make more great RPGs, while still sticking to our values."

These deals are made in the hopes of increases sells by having the console maker back and market the game, and it makes the absolute most sense to get the console with the largest install base of the new current-gen consoles to back your game.

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kenshiro1001209d ago

Because the XB1 doesn't have indies as well.


showtimefolks1210d ago

Ps4 more retail exclusives than Xbox one

ps4 had way more indie exclusive than Xbox one

ps4 has more exclusives with a higher meta critic rating Than Xbox one

Sony own more studios than ms

Sony owns way too many ip's compared to ms

every playstation home console has outsold Xbox brand consoles.

Ms lost the one territory they gained last gen which is the usa market

ps4 had twice the install base

majority of 3rd party elusive marketing partnerships or bundles that use to be with ms are not with Sony

so if that's what you call pulling ahead Than be my guest. 26 plus million strong

and let's talk again in January 2016. Ms better win this holiday season but in reality they wont.

ps4 will win the month of September and November. all last generation ms made their living from 3rd party marketing deals well now those are with Sony

every advertisement for

mgs 5
destiny taken king
assassin creed syndicate
star wars
call of duty

will end with a Ps4 logo, it's called gaining the mind share. target the casuals and sell a lot of consoles. the only month Xbox one will lost likely win is October with halo

and yes sales do matter because all last generation they mattered just like how indies mattered on xbox360 but now that they are on ps4 they are over rated and do t matter

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1210d ago

There should really be an option to put entire websites on ignore...

RocketScienceLvlStuf1210d ago

We've done this before and i'll say the same thing again.

PS4 has had more first party titles each year and also has more next year. How the hell can ms be pulling ahead.

MS has very few first party developers and that isn't going to change unless they start buying or opening new studio's

Tsar4ever011210d ago

Oh, Oh, Watch out, NOW!! Another article about trying to shine a brighter light on XB1 over PS4 coming in from who? TADAHHHH!!!!


OB1Biker1210d ago

Haha that actually made me laugh loud.

otherZinc1210d ago

Halo, Gears, Forza Motorsport, Fable Legends alone, is something Sony cannot compete with.

Quantum Break, Forza Horizon, Scalebound, Crackdown.

No, Sony has nothing but talk.

synistatha11210d ago

Hahahahahahaha u must be jokin right or u must be really really high either way I think u need a nap cause your not thinking straight

showtimefolks1210d ago


why would sony want to compete with the same 3 games ms can bring lol

26 million strong compared top 13 million

snoopgg1209d ago

Sony has had to deal with Halo, Forza, Gears, and Fable for the last 2 generations of gaming, and I'm pretty sure they will dimantle the xboxone again this generation. Sony has a big lead, without any of their biggest games out, its Microsoft that can't compete even with their biggest games out. Game over.

triple_c1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )


I agree. Let's not forget that Crackdown, Scalebound, Recore, Quantum Break and the Forza Horizon series is also being made by 3rd party developers but I love how people look at these exclusives as first party offerings and then turn around and say Microsoft is releasing more 1st party content while Sony is relying more on 3rd party content when Microsoft is relying on 3rd party content just as much as Sony is.

Let's look at the FACTS and remember people, these are not all the exclusives, only exclusives being made by Microsoft and Sony's FIRST party developers.

Games being made by Microsoft's studios that are slated to be coming out next year.

Halo Wars 2
Gears of War 4
Sea of Thieves

Games being made by Sony's studios that are slated to be coming out next year.

Horizon Zero Dawn
The Last Guardian
Uncharted 4
Mlb 16: The Show
Gran Turismo 7

And let's not forget that Microsoft has shot their load and are done until next year, meanwhile Sony still has 3 more conferences this year where they're probably going to be announcing more games from their 1st party studios.

So.. who's releasing more first party content again? From the looks of it I'd say Sony is releasing more first party content while Microsoft is relying more on third party content.

DragonKing811210d ago

@littlezizu I totally agree

Azzanation1210d ago

This isn't about exclusives, its about 1st party and lets be honest, Sony has only released 1 game that's had better reviews then Xbox 1st party and that's Bloodborne. If you want to include PC ports and Indies that's fine however there not made by Sony and there not 1st party.

Infamous 80 - Sunset 81
Killzone 73 - Halo 85
Drive Club 71 - Horizon 2 - 86
LBP3 79 - Ori - 88

Now I am comparing genres to genres here, to say Sony's 1st party have been delivering better games is very opinionated. those scores are directly off Metacritic. Seems like 1st party exclusives have been favouring Xbox on the review boards so far.

A good example is Horizon 2 stands as the best reviewed Racer for next gen and it sits on a 86 metacritic while DriveClub sits on a 71. There is a major gap difference if your comparing review scores alone.

Sony will most likely deliver with Uncharted Collection and Until Dawn etc but this year will be very tough since MS have 4 Majors that have a high chance on reviewing well too (not including Rare's Replay - 86)

TheXgamerLive1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

@LittleZ. Yes except your talking about the past but today tomorrow its ALL Microsoft and fhw Xbox One and Win10 and Xbox One UI DirectX12 and the Azure Cloud, least ye forget BackWards Compatability.
Comganies can't financially live in the past, they live in the here and now and the future it seems iS MS and Xbox One.

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FITgamer1210d ago

What first party games has Microsoft released or announced that aren't Halo, Forza, Gears, or Fable?

NeoGamer2321210d ago

Sea of Thieves

All first party owned IPs coming by the end of 2016.

The question is also for Sony...

What have they announced and shown first party owned so far that isn't a sequel or re-master?

Until Dawn
Last Guardian

So, PS4 has a trailer and gameplay for one more first party game than X1. And the extra game was supposed to be an exclusive for the PS3.

johndoe112111210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

Their seems to be a lack of understanding by some microsoft fans on this site with the term First Party. For the last time, Scalebound and Recore are NOT first party games. They are third party games that are exclusive to the xbox one. Microsoft are publishing them but that does NOT make them first party. First party games are games that are developed by studios that microsoft OWNS. They DO NOT own the studios developing those games, they are indie developers. Sea Of Thieves is a first party game because microsoft owns Rare. Until Dawn is not a first party game.

In anticipation of the disagrees I know I'm going to get, would the people who disagree please explain why they did and what exactly about my comment is there to disagree with?

donthate1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

You forgot Quantum Break and although Halo Wars 2 is a sequel, it is a mighty IP because it is an RTS which is extremely rare on consoles.


"They are third party games that are exclusive to the xbox one. Microsoft are publishing them but that does NOT make them first party."

That is indeed the term, but MS doesn't distinguish between that anymore. It is first party if it is exclusive and ip is owned by MS.

MS doesn't care if they own the studio or not, just if they have the right to make games in that IP which makes a lot of sense.

Why own a studio, when you can comission the best teams to make a game for you? Just look at Halo Wars 2!


"But we also know that a lot of First-Party Studios are working on PS4 games we haven't heard about yet. And Sony has far more Studios than MS."

Maybe they are working on something, maybe they are working on nothing. Heck, they could be working on Project Morpheus and gotten themselves spread to thin i.e. MS Kinect situation when they delivered more than 3-4 Kinect games to push the accessory, they let the console languish in third party.

Sony is doing the exact same thing!

Also, if Sony were to announce any project from them now, do you really think the games will release next year (in 180-months)?

There is a reason why Sony announces games that are all far, and I mean far into the future like Shenmue 3 and FF VII remake!

Sony will have a drought for a long while in my opinion.

KeeseToast1210d ago

But we also know that a lot of First-Party Studios are working on PS4 games we haven't heard about yet. And Sony has far more Studios than MS.