The Asterisk War: The Academy City On The Water Game Announced For PS Vita

Today Bandai Namco has announced an action game based on the Japanese light novel series The Asterisk War: The Academy City On The Water for the PS Vita.

A teaser website has been opened featuring a teaser video for the new game.

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slinky1234561208d ago

Looks cool but needs a little more footage. It don't matter though, won't get localized anyway.

gokuking1208d ago

Sony should give their handheld business to Bandai Namco since they're supporting Vita more than the company that made it.

Rikuson11208d ago

Falcom is Vita hungry also it seems. Doesn't bother me though keep em coming!

King-u-mad1208d ago

Yet another title most likely never coming to the US. Due to all the morons out there who don't support it for fallacious reasoning. It is by far the best handheld hardware to date and could have ton's more software globally if it had the support it deserves from the gaming community. But also, I tend to forget the gaming community isn't even about gaming anymore... It's just a trend and flooded with casuals and people who don't really care about it.