Sega on The Importance of Hollywood IPs

Sega's changed a lot in the last couple years. And with the trend of Hollywood/gaming convergence still hot as ever, the publisher has recognized that it needs to step it up in that department. In this exclusive, GameDaily speak with Sega's VP of Entertainment Marketing, Scott Steinberg, about Sega's product road map.

Sega has delved into the Hollywood licensing game, both looking ahead to new film franchises like New Line Cinema's His Dark Materials and digging into the archives with 20th Century Fox's Alien franchise. Scott Steinberg, vice president of entertainment marketing, Sega, took some time to talk about the roles these new Hollywood IPs will play alongside Sega's original franchises.

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calderra4385d ago

Translations: Due to all the money that can be lynched from studios to get a game made (as opposed to actually going out and truly licensing it from them) means a low-risk investment with almost guaranteed profits, even if it's a terrible game that fails miserably.

See also: Every Aliens and/or Predator game ever made.
And also see: The new Sonic sucks pretty bad.