Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power Cost $5.4 Million, Is Short Because Developers Run Out Of Money

Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power has just been released and a number of gamers complained about the game’s length. Therefore, Frozenbyte decided to shed some light on how much the game actually cost, and what was the team’s initial plans.

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Dario_DC1211d ago

This game is such a let down after the 2nd Trine... Don't know why they went full 3D... Really killed the puzzles in the game, not to mention that is way shorter than the last one and the narrative side of it is a let down too IMO.

pivotplease1211d ago

That's too bad. I was excited for 3D puzzles.

Dario_DC1211d ago

Yeah just look on youtube and see how bad the puzzles are now... The Wizard can only make 1 box and that's it... They killed it with the whole 3D...

Palitera1211d ago

My exact thoughts from the moment they revealed the migration to 3D.

Not every game has to be 3D. This is not a mainstream brand. Now it will barely be a brand anymore.

Dario_DC1211d ago

Such a shame, the 2nd Trine is the co-op game that I most play with my girlfriend. The puzzles and story telling are brilliant :)
Hope they can make a 4th one and go back to what made the game great.

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crazysapertonight1211d ago

it was not even announced yet on ps4

Retroman1211d ago

as a physical disc game ?? or dlc on psn??

masa20091211d ago

6-7 hours for $22 is kind of what I expect.
I guess it's more in reaction to the length of the 2nd one.

sephiroth4201211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

I loved the second one, this new one doesnt seem to be getting much love, gonna give it a go later and see for myself, will make a video of the first 10 minutes gameplay if anyones interested, will upload it tomorrow.

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