Microsoft to Launch Minecraft on Xbox One in China, Will Help Solidify Xbox Brand

Today, Microsoft announced that Minecraft will be launching on Xbox One in China by the end of the year and they have huge plans to promote the brand there

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TwoForce1214d ago

Hmm, interesting indeed.

Mr Pumblechook1214d ago

At the time of the reveal that Microsoft had bought Minecraft Phil Spencer said on video that all platforms would be treated equally. He also said "Whether you’re playing on an Xbox, on a PlayStation, Android and iOS devices our goal is to continue to evolve and innovate across all those platforms.”

Now in markets where the game has not been launched on console Phil Spencer will be treating it as a console exclusive. Whilst not strictly breaking the promise he made it certainly is breaking the spirit. A man and his word...

meanthyme1213d ago

Wow, you are really reaching to try and discredit Phil Spencer and ms, it's really pathetic.

Mr Pumblechook1213d ago

@meanthyme. Rather than insulting fellow N4G members I chose to make a point using evidence. If you are angry about that maybe it's because you know the point is valid. All I did was repost Phil Spencer's promise and contrast it with his actions. If you angry take it up with Phil.

RiseofScorpio1214d ago

Its wise to release the big games from the West in China to see how they perform. Its a huge system seller if its exclusive and blows up.

CyrusLemont1214d ago

I'm surprised they allow games like Minecraft in China. I thought they banned imagination?

mhunterjr1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

Now that their economy is tanking, they are a little less strict when it comes to business these days...

5yb5n6u1214d ago

microsoft's gaming division in asia is just like how i argue with my wife.
however wrong she was, however blatant the fact i present, i would still lost.

Ashlen1214d ago

I'm pretty sure they already have Minecraft in China on the only platform that matters in China... PC.

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The story is too old to be commented.