The PS Vita Prototype Originally Supported SD Cards, HDMI Out and Looked a Lot Different

The PS Vita looked a lot different in its early days.

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Activemessiah1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

They messed up big time by removing SD support.

Aloy-Boyfriend1211d ago

They had to in order to fight Piracy. Remmeber that PSP hackers gave Sony a hard time with software.

Making a proprietary card was a good idea to avoid piracy, but it was the price for such cards that messed things up.

Blaze9291211d ago

that makes no sense. Memory Stick Duo was proprietary and PSP still got hacked...

suckingeggs1211d ago

Was sonys greed why they removed SD card support...

There own storage media was ridiculously expensive

pivotplease1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

It's probably why they gimped the OS so much as well. The PSP ran like a little computer whereas the Vita runs more like a Nintendo system. Not nearly as much freedom or functionality.

Concertoine1211d ago

Nintendo uses sd cards and the 3ds does not suffer from serious piracy issues

Dasteru1211d ago


Memory Stick Duo was created by Sony and first used in the PSP but it wasn't technically proprietary. It quickly became useable on PCs also. You could move CFW loaders from a PC to a PSP using them. You can't do that with the PS Vitas cards.

DragoonsScaleLegends1211d ago


It doesn't matter if by fighting piracy you eliminate your consumer interest at the same time.

1211d ago
3-4-51211d ago

uhh 3DS uses SD cards and that system is selling very well in U.S. & Japan.

UltimateMaster1211d ago

Now that would have succeed. Not the Vita like it is right now.

N0TaB0T1211d ago

I doubt Sony's onboard security would have been gimped with SD Card support and besides hackers will find a way around the Vita's anti-piracy measures (if there are any) if they really tried... The age of proprietary has come to pass, it's either SD Card or fixed storage...

Soulscare1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

@Blaze929, MSD wasn't a PSP only thing, lots of third party tech companies made their own. But the main reason is that the MSD card size was big enough to fit in a micro SD card inside, so you could buy a MSD with a slot for a Micro SD, allowing you any size you like. This also explains the reason for the Vita memory cards being so small (physically). So yeah, piracy.

On topic, HDMI support was a silly thing to skip. The Vita started off as a "Dualshock 3 with a screen", should have kept it that way... The small analogues suck and the lack of L2R2 is a real shame. That said, I love my Vita, even if Sony doesn't.

miyamoto1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

I saw a 3D render of this prototype years ago. If only Sony pushed through with this the Vita could have sold better.
Its not too late though.

Sly-Lupin1211d ago

They didn't "have" to do anything.

History has proven again and again that the absolute worst way to combat piracy is to punish consumers... which is exactly what Sony did, and is probably the biggest reason the Vita never took off.

meganick1211d ago

Creating an overpriced, Vita-only memory card was just a shady way for Sony to split the Vita into two essential components: the Vita itself and the mandatory memory card, which is needed to boot up most games and to save game data, which is absurd since Vita games ship on cartridges and should allow game saves on the actual game cartridges. Proprietary cards do nothing to prevent hacking and piracy. That's just a fairy tale Sony sold to the public so they could bait and switch people by making the Vita seem reasonably priced at launch ONLY when you don't factor in the price of a mandatory memory card. Anti hacking and piracy measures are related to OS firmware, not memory cards.

tiffac0081211d ago

I agree the stupid price of the proprietery cards was certainly a negative.

Its still expensive to this day which makes no sense at all.

Fighting piracy, okay I can live with that but keeping the cards price very high makes no sense at all. I mean the big storage cards cost more than a game.

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Spyroo1211d ago

Blame the HACKERS.
Because of piracy Sony was forced to use their own Proprietary cards to prevent it... Damn hackers had to ruin it for all of us

Scatpants1211d ago

It's all about Sony getting more money. They just tell gullible people it's about piracy so they don't look like the greedy bad guys.

LifeInNZ1211d ago

Nonsense. Pirating of software didnt hamper the PS2 or many other platforms before and since. Sony is to blame for the PS Vita's missteps.

sangoku_d1211d ago

100%, now sonys knocked psmobile on the head coz hackers made an exploit program, if they were all for home-brew games psmobile was only like 1 step up from it. still doesnt bother me i like having system specific card, i sold a couple of 32gb ones, better than repurposing/losing them when i upgraded.

its not just sony looking after their own interests, they wanted 3rd parties to see they were trying, psp was a total s-storm of theft

Vipre771211d ago

UMD on the PSP was proprietary, too. Literally, nothing except a PSP and whatever specialized hardware only found at Sony's HQ and manufacturing facilities can read UMD discs. There's no other commercially available reader for those things and still piracy was rampant. The new Vita card brings nothing new to the table other than a different, smaller shape and a more power-efficient reader than an optical drive. This clearly illustrates that a proprietary storage format alone does very little in preventing piracy. Vita relies on encrypted data on the cards rather than the card format itself in it's attempts to prevent piracy.

The Vita's new memory card was introduced to replace UMD because of performance, capacity, size and power consumption. SD cards would meet all of those goals, too, and then some, but, it was also, at least partially, about locking customers into using their cards that they can sell for whatever price/markup they want and the customer can't go running off to Sandisk, Patriot, Lexar, etc. for a cheaper alternative. They'd apparently rather you choose between Sony and nothing and risk the loss of a potential customer.

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InTheZoneAC1211d ago

you can thank all the dishonest hackers/pirates for sony removing SD support...

LifeInNZ1211d ago

Prove it because it sounds like opinion more than fact.

SegaGamer1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

People can say blame the hackers all they like, but i don't think that has anything to do with it. Sony just wanted to make money off their own storage, that is why they charge ridiculous prices for their memory cards.

Shineon1211d ago

Most people don't hack, hackers will find a way regardless why punish honest consumers

pivotplease1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

Or maybe because making proprietary anything that you don't even specialize in can be costly. Hacking on the PSP was a huge problem whether you want to admit it or not.

N0TaB0T1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

Proprietary is going the way of the Plasma TV. Anyone have any idea how much a pain in the ass it is to have removable storage but not able to use it on any other device you own? Sucks big time. Even flip phones use Micro USB connections and Micro SD Cards these days...

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jmac531211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

What Sony doesn't realize is I would have bought far more games for my Vita if I had the space for them. I have so many SD cards laying around that I could have filled up with games, instead I bought one expensive 16 gig card that I use for ps plus games. The rest of the games I bought used retail so they don't use up as much space.

VINNIEPAZ1211d ago

Exactly. My 8 gig card is already full. Im not going to spend ANOTHER $30 just to be able to get more downloadable games.....

Dirtnapstor1211d ago

Yep. I would have invested years ago. Those costly cards were an Achilles heal.

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Blastoise1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

Should have kept the SD slot. I've got so many games I can't fit on my Vita that I had to make a list so I don't forget them all.

Either that or just make the propriety memory cards cheaper. Sony had all the right ideas at the Vitas launch but then they threw overpriced memory cards at us

BenRage31211d ago

Simple, reasonable..bubbles.

Shazz1211d ago

such a shame to see such a great handheld not reach its full potential

DragoonsScaleLegends1211d ago

A great handheld with just as great flaws.

zsquaresoff1211d ago

The games library is good but the expensive Memory card is an instant turn off.

Also no R2 button which is alright for Vita centric games but not for streaming ps4 games onto vita.

DivineAssault 1211d ago

more triggers and AAA exclusives are what this thing really needed.. I can get passed the missing SD card slot and hdmi.. I guess it got too pricey for people when you add in those expensive micro storage cards gettting filled up with the downloaded games you have stacking up

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