How Dragon Quest Heroes Is Different From Omega Force’s Other Warriors Games

Siliconera sat down with Square Enix producer Ryota Aomi and Omega Force’s director Tomohiko Sho to talk about Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree’s Woe and the Darkness Below. While the game runs using the Warriors engine, I noticed some differences between Dragon Quest Heroes and Hyrule Warriors, another Omega Force project, so I began our conversation with that:

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TomatoDragon1209d ago

The last Dragon Quest game I played was the original on NES. I know DQH plays nothing like the turn based ones....but this looks too cool to resist.

sangoku_d1209d ago

only buying coz omega force, dont even feel like i need any other franchise/genre when i got this, aot, one piece 3, arslan and sw4ii+empires to look forward to, getting kinda antsy for dw9 though and i literally dream about orochi4

Majin-vegeta1209d ago

Man cant wait for DW9(Hoping for something at TGS).If goign by an interview of last year.DW9 will change the gameplay of it.

Jubez1871209d ago

I'm happy with all of those answers surprisingly. Hyrule Warriors didn't look too great but they're saying that this will be different enough. I'm a big DQ fan so I'd probably get this regardless though. Pretty stoked for this and Tales of Zestiria. Good time for JRPGs for sure.