Final Fantasy XV Gets A Gorgeous New Screenshot Showing The Hideous Malboro

Square Enix has released a new screenshot from Final Fantasy XV featuring the recently revealed Malboro enemy. This new enemy was confirmed to be in the game at Gamescom in a gameplay video. We can finally see him in all of his hideous glory in this new screenshot.

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GNCFLYER1127d ago

I envisioned a giant enemy cigarette.

chrisx1127d ago

Lol, any FF fan will know what malboro is

NukaCola1127d ago

I really think that FF XV is going to be special. So excited.

DragonKnight1127d ago

I'm pretty sure that Malboro are based on Marlboro.

scark921127d ago

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, that Malboro is attractive!

GNCFLYER1127d ago


Lol at your Marlboro

MasterCornholio1127d ago

So its a mutated tobacco plant.

It trurly is hideous.

slappy5081127d ago

That screenshot is smoking hot!

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